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An Authentic Experience at What the Crust: Maadi’s Newest Pizza Spot

October 2, 2020

Hidden away on a small Maadi side street lies the area’s newest pizza spot, a quaint little place called What the Crust. As one makes their way through the restaurant’s door, they are immediately greeted with warm welcomes and the smell of freshly baked pizza wafting through the air. 

The space itself is quite small, but utterly cozy. There are fairy lights hung across the room and an actual tree sprouting right through the middle of the seating area, giving the place a unique character and creating a charming atmosphere. 

The first thing one sees through the door is the actual pizza making station where the chefs are hard at work, one of whom is actually one of the restaurant owners. A family-run business started by married couple Dareen and Helmy, What the Crust promises “true artisanal Neapolitan pizza by an AVPN-trained (The True Neapolitan Pizza Association) Pizzaiola,” as mentioned on their Facebook page. 

Bufalina pizza.

The couple are always at the restaurant and make it a point to create a very warm family-like atmosphere, giving customers the impression that they have simply gone over to a friend’s place rather than out to a restaurant. Overall, What the Crust offers a very intimate experience.

And then there’s the pizza itself. Truly authentically Italian, the pizzas boast a thin crust with aromatic sauce bursting with flavor and just the right amount of Italian cheesy goodness spread across the top. 

What the Crust offers a wide range of Neapolitan style pizzas, from classic old Marinara (80 EGP) to the flavorful Bufalina (180 EGP). One especially unique pizza worth trying is the Pizza al Pesto (195 EGP), which offers a wonderful blend of freshly made pesto sauce, soft mozzarella and an added punch of Italian sun-dried tomatoes. 

Pizza al Pesto.

In addition to pizzas, their menu also includes a small but delectable selection of salads that range in price between 45-100 EGP, a selection of freshly made juices, as well as a selection of homemade levantine flatbreads (40-80 EGP). 

Once done with a few slices of what might possibly be the best pizza in town, one also has the option to cater to their sweet tooth with a pizza-style dessert. One may choose between a luscious chocolate-filled, chocolate-covered pizza dough or try something a little different with the Ricotta Con Miele. The latter is a light and refreshing dessert that will tingle one’s taste buds with the tanginess of Italian ricotta cheese mixed with the sweetness of local raw honey and the added crunch of pistachios. 

Ricotta con Miele. Image courtesy of What the Crust Facebook page.

Overall, What the Crust offers a unique experience as opposed to being ‘just another pizza place’. The food is wonderfully made with love, and just as delicious as it looks and the atmosphere seems like something out of a film; it is both comforting and charming. 

What the Crust currently offers dine-in, delivery and store pick up services – however, make sure to call and reserve a spot ahead of time due to both limited seating restrictions for safety precautions and also because the dough is made fresh daily in accordance to the number of people expected to come. 

Their dine-in hours are currently from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. with the exception of Sundays which is when they close. What the Crust is located at Street 275, Ezbet Fahmy, El Basatin, Maadi and can be reached by calling 1005764631 or messaging them directly through their Facebook page. 

*Featured image courtesy of What the Crust Facebook page

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