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10 Top Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2020

10 Top Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2020

Egypt’s dedicated craftsmanship, intricately detailed design and rich cultural heritage has long been celebrated. Established design company, Kenda Interiors by NADIM, uncovers design trends to bring into your homes in the coming year. From handmade ceramics to gold leaf, here are ten trends you cannot miss.

1. Bold Geometric Patterns, Lines and Slices

Make a statement this year with striking lines and patterns that can be implemented in endless ways and to accommodate everyone’s taste. Kenda has utilised this trend in their Pyramidion collection. This collection, inspired by ancient obelisks and the uppermost part of the pyramids which were often covered in gold to reflect the sun’s ways, utilises geometric shapes to emulate opulence and modernity.

Kenda Tip: Geometric patterns add sophistication, visual harmony and rhythm to any interior. Try using geometric patterns paired with bold colours to accentuate areas of a room and to create a focal point.

2. Comfort and Functionality

Whilst style is important, so is making your home livable for you. Comfort is Kenda’s biggest trend this season, emphasising customising a space to make it perfect for you. Kenda shares how spaces should be aesthetically pleasing whilst also an escape from the stresses of the world. One of their rooms, “Tetris” has no shortage in elements of comfort, from easy seating options for all of the family to conveniently placed charging stations.

Kenda Tip: Buy what you love. Interior designs can be extremely expressive; there’s no shortage of choices. Don’t be afraid to customise spaces to meet your needs and consider bespoke pieces this year to make a space truly unique.

3. Sleek and Modern High Gloss Finishes

This chic material lifts lackluster interiors with its luxurious appearance. Attract attention in your home by introducing this material onto your walls, furniture and surfaces. Kenda’s Illusion dining table’s ocean-like high gloss finish mesmerises and hypnotises paired with the walnut burl wood.

4. Elegant Gold Leaf

Ancient artefacts allude to Egypt as a land rich in gold and as a country which transformed the associations made with the special material. Now, you too can bring a touch of history, rarity and purity into your home with gold leaf accents. Kenda shows us how to tastefully include gold elements by pairing it with glossy black materials as well as paintings with touches of gold leaf.

5. Traditional Carving Techniques

Egypt is home to some of the world’s most treasured artistic and practical techniques. Including intricate carvings and traditional ornaments in your home’s design is a beautiful, simple and easy way to preserve Egypt’s past in the present, and add a touch of refined artfulness to the home.

Kenda shows us one way of merging ancient crafts into modern-day designs with their replica carving of the Fatimid horse panel, which they have applied on a statement side lamp.

6. Stunning Artwork

Make a house a home with artwork that speaks to your identity, interests and aesthetic. More than just bringing colour into your space, art can bring life to a space and help tell a story. Visit a Kenda Showroom and explore the artwork collections there; the artworks are carefully curated by Samah Art Gallery to complement or star in any space.

7. Varied Lighting: Glass Chandeliers, Salt Lamps and Candles

Lighting can change the ambiance, mood and atmosphere of any room. Don’t let it be an afterthought this year, and consider both functionality and feel when choosing from different options. Kenda shows us how to celebrate Egyptian motifs whilst creating unique and tailored spaces with considered lighting choices. They use custom chandeliers by Kelos and warm, cozy salt lamps made by Oasis Salt Lamps as well as aromatic candles by Candle Connection to bring good energy into their designs.

Kenda Tip: When redesigning a space, think about lighting early on into the project. Consider the space, what you use the room for and the feel you are after. For example, lighting in the kitchen should be a combination of task lighting and more decorative lighting.

8. Handmade Ceramics

Egypt, past and present, is home to gifted artisans and craftsmanship; pottery and ceramics is an area they excel in. Originally made for functional purposes as opposed to decorative ones, Kenda brings elements of Egypts cultural heritage into the present, namely by using humble pieces from Ellie Home Decor. Kenda Interiors collaborated with Runk Ceramics to make unique, handmade and unreplicable tiles for their “Luster” dining room set to emphasise the beauty of including expressive and iridescent ceramics in any interior.

9. Unique Handmade Textiles and Decorations

Textiles ranging from pillows to throws personalise every space. Kenda Interiors shows how simple touches can add colour, texture and detail to elevate your rooms. Each piece is handmade and honours Egyptian craftsmanship whilst supporting talented local artisans. One of our favourites right now are these Nebu pillows which blend kheyameya applique and eclectic designs to produce the finest quality cushions.

Kenda Tip: Try to use an odd number of pillows when decorating your sofa for an artful look. Don’t be afraid to use different colours, textures and shapes!

10. Beautifully Crafted Kilim and Rugs

Whilst this trend appeared a few years ago, it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. The ancient, patterned and colourful rugs complement minimal furnishings. This trend is a simple and beautiful way to celebrate ancient motifs, from fertility to familial protection, in each design.

Beyond these trends, see more of what Kenda Interiors has to offer at their showrooms in Concord Plaza, Mall of Egypt and Dandy Mall.

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