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From Pottery to Museum Visits: Top Things to Do in Tunis Village, Fayoum

December 17, 2020

It may be a small village, full of dirt roads and minimal infrastructure, but Tunis Village in Fayoum is by far one of the most charming spots in Egypt. Fayoum itself is vast and full of wonderful activities and sites – from camping in the desert and visiting the majestic Magic Lake, to visiting the waterfalls of Wadi el Rayan and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wadi el Hitan (Valley of the Whales). In addition to all this, it’s also relatively close to Cairo; one can get there using Go Bus or take their own car as it’s an easy two hour drive away.  However, if one decides to plan a visit to Fayoum, they must absolutely take a few days to unwind in the beautiful village of Tunis. Tunis Village is known for its wonderful pottery, most of which are also taken to be sold in certain areas in Cairo. The village is full of little pottery workshops scattered here and there, and there is even a Pottery School.  Other than the pottery, which is in and of itself mesmerizing to witness and wonderful to be surrounded by such…

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