Meet the Egyptian Foodies Making Hawawshy and Kebda in the Alps

Meet the Egyptian Foodies Making Hawawshy and Kebda in the Alps

Shakshuka in the Alps. Photo courtesy of ElRaye2 Kitchen.

Sherif and Diaa are two 30-year-old Egyptians living in Germany. With one working at a multinational software company and the other as a satellite assembly engineer, one wouldn’t be quick to think this is their favorite hobby: cooking in the mountains.

Sherif and Diaa both traveled to Germany to continue their research and complete their Master’s 10 years ago. Since beginning their studies in 2012, they’ve started to travel to destinations with beautiful nature to enjoy the scenery.

“It inspires our mind, helps us to relax and recharge ourselves with positive energy. That turned out into a passion in our daily lives and from here ElRaye2 started!” they tell Egyptian Streets.

They both run a YouTube Channel and an Instagram account by the name of “ElRaye2 Kitchen” where they post recordings and photos of their adventures cooking Egyptian food in scenic spots across Europe and Egypt. They’ve made Fuul with eggs in the Alps, Badawi lamb in Sinai, and Baba Ghanoush in Switzerland.

Egyptian breakfast in the Alps. Photo courtesy of ElRaye2 Kitchen.

ElRaye2 is the Arabic word for “the relaxed”, and that is exactly the philosophy behind the channel.

“Mountains offer an astonishing sense of peace, perspective, and satisfaction. They help us unwind from the exhaustion of the fast-paced life,” they share.

To Sherif and Diaa, the mountains are a retreat for mindfulness. It’s exciting to reach and explore new destinations and even often challenging due to the mountains’ topography, weather conditions, and heavy-weight equipment.

The goal behind ElRaye2 Kitchen, for Sherif and Diaa, is to encourage going out into nature, whether with loved ones or alone, and enjoying the serenity. Alongside that, they aim to raise awareness about Egyptian food.

“We always wondered how Egypt, a country with such a rich history and wide variety of food, is not famous enough globally for its food. It’s delicious and provides insight into our culture,” they add.

They aim to encourage food tourism, valuing Egyptian, Arab and Mediterranean food in high regard to boost tourism and awareness of Egypt and the region.

“Food is much more than cooking a meal, it’s a form of art, it’s a bond and a connection. There isn’t a better way to appreciate its essence than in the beauty of nature.”


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“There is no single favorite destination that comes to our mind first but we appreciate mountains and waterfalls in Switzerland, forests in Germany, the jungle, and colorful birds in Latin America. Of course, Sinai is one of our favorites, it is simply magical,” they add.

You can keep up with ElRaye2 Kitchen’s adventures making Egyptian food around the world on their Youtube Channel or their Instagram.

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