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5 Initiatives Promoting Sex Positivity in the Middle East and North Africa

April 7, 2021

In recent months, Instagram has become the social media network of choice for Arab and North African women seeking to raise awareness about issues of gender inequality in the region, with sexual violence against women being the most discussed topic. This gave rise to a plethora of conversations to educate our societies about consent and bodily autonomy as necessary precursors to the eradication of sexual violence and the objectification of women. Somewhere along the line, this work led to the rise of sex positivity as an important stepping stone towards women’s liberation in the Middle East and North Africa. What few realize, however, is that Arab and North African women have worked tirelessly to destigmatize sex and their activism predates this current #MeToo resurgence in Egypt. These are but a few initiatives aimed at redefining the ways our societies perceive our bodies and sexuality. The Sex Talk One of the earliest online initiatives to call for a sexual revolution in the Arab and Muslim world, The Sex Talk is an Arabic language platform that approaches sex education and positivity with a focus on female pleasure and sexuality. Launched over two years…

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