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Five of Cairo’s Most Loved Local Bakeries

April 9, 2021
Image via Leaven Bakery Facebook page.

The smell alone is enough. Once anyone gets a whiff of freshly baked goods, there’s no stopping our appetites. From steaming hot bread fresh out of the oven to gooey chocolate croissants or a soft cream-filled puff pastry waiting to deflate with the first bite, baked goods are truly an art form and a coveted culinary delight. 

That being said, while there are plenty of wonderful local bakeries – or more commonly referred to as the forn (oven) – that offer freshly baked baladi bread every morning, among a number of other various items, the bakeries we will refer to in this article are the ones that carry more of a western influence.

While the following bakeries may offer a variety of baked goods reminiscent of European bakeries, they are all local entities that have gained a large local fan-base and continue to grow in popularity thanks to their diverse offerings. 

Maadi Bakeries

Leaven Bakery

Image via Leaven Facebook page.

Nestled away in a small spot at Maadi’s CSA (Community Services Association), Leaven has quickly become a crowd favorite. From a wide variety of freshly baked breads (ranging from EGP 10 to EGP 85/100 – depending on size) to pastries, bagels and more (ranging from EGP 20 to EGP 50), Leaven offers quality items that are both fulfilling and delicious. The small bakery also offers a wonderful range of sandwiches, prepared using their freshly baked sourdough bread. As described on their official Facebook page, “[Leaven is] an artisan bakery specializing in handmade sourdough bread, along with many other mouth watering baked products!”

Location: No. 21, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi

Ralph’s German Bakery

Image via Ralph’s German Bakery Facebook page.

As its name suggests, Ralph’s German Bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods – a lot of which are popular German baked goods. From laugens to pretzels (ranging from EGP 15 to EGP 45), Ralph’s has wonderful items that cannot be found elsewhere in Cairo. In addition to their bakery, Ralph’s is also known for its great breakfast and lunch options (ranging from EGP 49 to EGP 139). 

Location: 24, Road 9, Sarayat El Maadi, Maadi

Ratios Bakery

Image via Ratios Bakery Facebook page.

Another quick-rising crowd favorite, Ratios Bakery is an artisan sourdough bread and bakery located in Maadi. They offer a wide variety of freshly baked bread (ranging from EGP 40 to EGP 160) and pastries (ranging EGP 30 to EGP 120) that are as beautiful to see as they are delicious. Hearty and full of flavor, their diverse selection of offerings are what bakery dreams are made of. 

Location: 10b, street 11, corner of 85، Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi

Zamalek Bakeries



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On a little corner in Zamalek lies Miette, a small French bakery offering a wide range of freshly baked goods (ranging from EGP 15 to EGP 75). In addition to their pain au chocolat, croissants and more, Miette also offers a range of sandwich options for both breakfast and lunch (ranging from EGP 40 to EGP 120). Although Miette is most widely known as being located in Zamalek, the bakery has also branched out to Uptown Cairo, Maadi and will soon be available in New Cairo as well. 

Location: 6 El-Malek El-Fadl, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek

Sea Salt Bakery and Cafe

Image via Sea Salt Bakery Facebook page.

While bakeries are known for their hearty, buttery ingredients, what makes Sea Salt Bakery special is the fact that they offer gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free baked goods (ranging from EGP 20 to EGP 50 – breads and full cakes excluded). Being the only bakery in Cairo that offers baked goos of this variety, Sea Salt Bakery has both gained popularity for its unique menu as well as its delicious food. In addition to various pastries, they also have an all day breakfast, lunch and brunch menu (ranging from EGP 65 to EGP 190). 

Location: 6A Ismail Mohamad Street Intersection With El Mansour Mohamad Street, Zamalek

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