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Iconic Egyptian Comedian Samir Ghanem Passes Away Aged 84

Iconic Egyptian Comedian Samir Ghanem Passes Away Aged 84

A still from Samir Ghanem’s famous play “Al-Motazawegoon” (The Married Couple) Source: Netflix

Egyptian comedian superstar Samir Ghanem passed away at the age of 84 from COVID-19 on Thursday, 20 May. The beloved actor had been hospitalized since 30 April from escalation of a COVID-19 infection.

After spending nearly two weeks in the intensive care unit, Ghanem passed away in a hospital in Cairo, reported BBC.

Many actors and public figures have started sharing their condolences on social media and thanking him for all that he has given to the Egyptian screen.

The father of actresses Amy and Donia Samir Ghanem and husband to the famous actress Dalal Abdelaziz, Ghanem immensely contributed in shaping entertainment culture in Egypt. From his famous character ‘Fatouta’ to his theater plays, to being a member of the comedy trio ‘Tholathy Adwa’ El-Masrah’ alongside El-Deif Ahmed and George Sidhom.

This trio starred in several black and white movies in the 1960s such as 30 Youm Fi El-Segn (30 Days in Prison) and El-Zawag Ala El-Tarika El-Haditha (The Modern Way of Getting Married).

Samir Ghanem was known for his love for theater, “the happiest moments of my life are when the hall is full of people who have come all the way to watch me and they are genuinely laughing at my jokes,” said Samir Ghanem to Vogue Arabia in November 2019.

Born in 1937, Ghanem started acting in movies in the 1970s. His works included Viva Zalata, Hassan Beh El-Ghalban (Poor Mr. Hassan) and Yarab Walad (God, Make It Boy) among several other Egyptian blockbusters. He also acted in popular theater plays, the most famous of which include Al-Motazawogoon (The Married Couple) and ِAkhoya Hayes Wana Layes (My Brother Is Happy And I Am Lost)

“I believe that comedians should continue to work until the last day of their lives, not because they need the money but because standing in front of the audience is a luxury in itself,” stated Samir Ghanem to Vogue Arabia in November 2019

We extend our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to Samir Ghanem and his family.

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