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The Strangest Superstitions Egyptians Remember from Their Childhoods

September 2, 2021
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Egyptian culture has been known to humor the idea of superstitions and habits that bring about good or bad luck – many Egyptians remember their parents and grandparents making strange claims that they would just accept at face value to avoid seeming disrespectful. As a child, my late grandmother told me that if I hung my clothes inside out, my day would turn ‘inside out’ as well – meaning I’d stay up all night and end up sleeping all day. Over time, I realized this was just her way of encouraging her grandchildren to hang their clothes neatly. Talk to almost any Egyptian and you’ll hear similar anecdotes – while some are stranger than others, they’re all humorous odes to the odd things we believed as children. We asked some Egyptians about the strangest superstitions they recall hearing during their childhoods and some were rather endearing… “I learned from my grandma that if you walk or pass in between two people while they are chatting, this will cause them to break ties and walk their separate ways. So, every time I walked between her and someone else, she’d hold my…

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