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Upcoming Algorithmic Art Course to Explore the World of Creative Coding

November 2, 2021

The term “creative coding” may sound odd because the two words don’t seem to go together; the term “coding” is usually associated with pragmatism and logic rather than art and creativity. However, creative coding is where self-expression and logic meet to form a unique and rather beautiful form of modern art. Creative coding falls under the umbrella of algorithmic and generative art, which, in essence, means art that is generated by a computer or algorithm. To better understand this art form, Egyptian Streets asked generative artists and engineers Anna Lucia and Islam Adel about what creative coding is, why they decided to venture into it, and what they hope to achieve from teaching their upcoming algorithmic art course at Cocoon Cultural Center from 8 November until 1 December. How would you describe creative coding to those who don’t know much about it? Anna: From my point of view, creative coding is anything that might use computer coding or programming to produce art, design, or interesting visuals, so instead of making something functional, you make something that’s more like a creative expression; you use computer programming to express yourself creatively. This…

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