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“Isolation, Loneliness, Contemplation”: Photo Series Captures Rare Perspective of Egyptians

November 21, 2021
Photo: Wael Mandour

A filmmaker’s perspective of photographs is unique; their development ends up looking like movie stills and can often capture an array of emotions that bring the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” to life. This rings true in the case of Egyptian filmmaker Wael Mandour, who recently posted a beautifully captured photo series on human emotion. The emotions of the individual subjects in the photos can be interpreted in many ways, which is why Mandour believes the series highlights the themes of “isolation, loneliness, and contemplation.” As part of Egyptian Streets’ Spotlight Sundays series, which features young and aspiring Egyptian artists, start-ups, filmmakers, and more, we spoke to Mandour to discuss his creative process. What inspired you to become a photographer? I’m not a professional photographer; I’m a filmmaker working as an assistant director on Egyptian feature films and mainstream commercials. My real passion is for cinema and filmmaking. I’ve struggled for some time now trying to make my first feature film. I’ve always been interested in all forms of art, but films were always my main source of inspiration. I guess my interest in photography came later….

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