Marking a First: a Copt Will Head Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court

Marking a First: a Copt Will Head Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court

Judge Bolis Fahmy Eskandar Bolis
Judge Bolis Fahmy Eskandar Bolis

Marking a first in its legislative history, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has allocated the title of the Supreme Court of justice presidency to a Coptic judge, Bolis Fahmy Eskandar Bolis, reports Al Ahram.

Bolis is set to take over the position as of Wednesday, from predecessor Said Maree Mohamed Gad. Health concerns have catapulted the latter into early retirement.

Boils’ career in the judicial system included his appointment as president of the Cairo Court of Cassation,

Moreover, he served twice as Vice President of the SCC (2010 and 2014).

Established in 1979, the SCC is considered to be the highest judicial body in the country; it is primarily an independent constitutional court, in charge of overseeing the constitutionality of laws as well as the interpretation of legislative texts. It is headed by a president, appointed by the President of Egypt as per the 2019 amendments, as well as deputy chairs.

The 2019 law amendments, passed by the Parliament, were ratified by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. These amendments aimed to govern the nation’s judicial bodies, including the SCC and the public prosecutor.

Despite their intended aim to prioritize national security, the amendments were met with criticism, namely in their capacity to overturn and regulate rulings by international organizations, foreign court verdicts, and international arbitration stipulations.

In the last few years, appointments of Coptic Christians in governmental positions, including governors, ambassadors, cabinet and Parliament members. Their inclusion and representation in the political system have long been encouraged by activists who deem it crucial in the majority-Muslim nation.

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