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10 Extinct Jobs in Egypt That Take You Back in Time

April 13, 2022
Image Credit: Raseef22

The World Economic Forum (WEF) observed in a 2020 report that “a new generation of smart machines, fueled by rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, could potentially replace a large proportion of existing human jobs.” The advent of artificial intelligence, automation, and robots threatens a plethora of currently existing jobs. Egyptians who work as factory workers, waiters, news reporters, or drivers, for example, are all at risk of losing their occupations in the coming decades. This isn’t a first, however. There are jobs that used to exist in Egyptian society that may seem outlandish today but made sense in the times of yesterday. Here are 10 extinct jobs in Egypt that offer that take you back in time to a different era. Al-Qerdati (Monkey Trainer) Long before the era of animal rights and conservation, Al-Qerdati was a street job that served as entertainment for passersby. Al-Qerdati roamed the streets of Egypt with his trained monkey gathering people around him to watch the monkey show. By the end of the show, members of the audience would throw money into a hat, often held by the monkey. Al-Dalala (Peddler) A…

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