Turkey’s Top Dubbed Dramas Now Streaming in the USA Through Arabic Streaming Service ‘Sling’

Turkey’s Top Dubbed Dramas Now Streaming in the USA Through Arabic Streaming Service ‘Sling’

When Turkey’s entertainment giant BluTV, in partnership with NINETNINE, launched Helwa by BLUTV in 2022, the new platform promised to bring authentic Turkish shows to avid fans – a promise now fulfilled by Sling Arabic TV’s (‘Sling’) new agreement to stream Helwa TV in the United States.

Sling, the United States’ foremost platform for streaming Arabic channels and programs, now boasts the addition of Helwa TV to its extensive collection of Arab channels.

Helwa TV offers a vast range of Turkish and foreign television series, films, and documentaries, along with live television broadcasts. Fans of Turkish dramas can now indulge in highly acclaimed series such as Ilk Ve Son (Deeply, 2021), Yesilcam (The Green Pine, 2021), and Yarım Kalan Aşklar (Unfinished Love Circle, 2020).

Those looking to discover more Turkish dubbed drama in Arabic language they can catch the latest titles on MTV, Al Jadeed, and on-demand content on Shahid VIP.

Helwa by BLUTV will be available across several of Sling’s subscription packages, starting from Al Ostoura, Ala Keifak, and Sling Sneak Peek Arabic.


With Sling Arabic TV, users viewers can enjoy on-demand Arab shows and programs through their premium live television channels and the largest Arabic on-demand libraries in the world, which include Shahid VIP, MySatGo, and Istikana.

The Al Ostoura package on Sling is comprehensive and provides Arabic consumers the ultimate Arab series, movies, news, and television entertainment experience in the United States. Keen Arab Sling users can also now watch Shahid VIP’s library through the Sling mobile application as well.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Arabic TV experience, you can start your experience for free with Sling Arabic TV‘s most popular offering.

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