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On Squash and Mental Health: Exclusive Interview With World Champion Nouran Gohar

December 1, 2022
Nouran Gohar Photo credit: Àblock!

For several years, Egyptian athletes have been dominating the international squash scene. Despite originating in England in the 19th century, the fast-moving racket sport quickly gained popularity in Egypt. Some credit this to the late Egyptian president Hosny Mubarak’s love of the sport, while others claim it initially spread when squash clubs were first built for British colonial officers stationed in Cairo and Alexandria. Regardless of the reasons behind its rise in popularity, squash soon became one of the rare individual sports followed by millions of Egyptians. Currently ranked the world’s number one female squash player, 25-year-old Nouran Gohar is a rising star in the Egyptian sports scene and the global squash circuit. The athlete deservingly gripped a place in this year’s edition of Forbes Middle East’s 30 Under 30, after a successful win of eight out of 12 finals in her 2021/22 season. Gohar became world number one for the first time, the same year she graduated with high honors in construction engineering from the American University in Cairo, at 22 years old. Egyptian Streets spoke to Nouran Gohar about her introduction to the sport, the successes and downfalls…

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