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An All-Woman Playlist: North African and Arab Artists to Listen to in 2023

February 11, 2023

From giving space for more representation to defying stereotypes, these Arab and North African women singers are vanquishing stigmas and empowering women—one song at a time. Intertwining cultures and heritages, these women singers come in different styles, beats, and genres to produce masterful art. Coming from all across the Arab and North African region, from Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria,they are influencing the music industry with the depth and diversity in their music. With pop, rap, and R&B ballads, these artists infuse their own languages, dialects, and cultures into their work. Artists like Felukhah, Gaidaa, Manal, Tamtam, and Wafia are powerfully coming into their own, making a rife imprint on the music industry—regionally and globally. In many ways, music for these women represent anthems of independence and footprints in a world that has marginalized them. From Morocco to Saudi Arabia, here is a roundup of some female artists to put on your radar in 2023. A Sudanese-Dutch singer, Gaidaa blends English and Arabic in her neo-soul and R&B ballads. Her song ‘Morning Blue’ sheds light on the political and social climate in her home country of Sudan. Dounia…

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