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What is Happening in Sudan? Understanding Clashes Between Army and Paramilitary

April 15, 2023

Since the early hours of Saturday, 15 April, Sudan has been witnessing clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and a paramilitary group, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which operated as a militia during the height of the Darfur conflict, but was recently merged with the formal military. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi has urged the two sides to cease the fighting and give priority to the language of dialogue in a statement released by the Presidency on Saturday night. Significantly, the Egyptian Armed Forces have confirmed the presence of Egyptian troops in an airbase in the town of Merowe, north of the capital, Khartoum, confirming that it is sparing no effort to assure their safety . Here is a breakdown of the events as they continue to unfold. The Current Situation Sustained firing took place in Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum and several other cities, and the fighting continued to escalate as the day drew on, including the use of heavy weapons and air force fighters and helicopters. In a sequence of statements, the RSF claimed that the SAF had attacked its base in southern Khartoum, and that they had seized…

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