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5 Hidden Gems in Cairo Worth Exploring in 2023

May 28, 2023
Khan El Khalili market Photo credit: Mohamed Khairat

A myriad of spots — both known and lesser-known ones — pepper Egypt’s landscape. Across the capital particularly lies several venues that cover the gamut of human tastes.

Whether one wants to just hang out, or explore or immerse themselves in a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the good old days, there is something for everyone. The metropolitan capital of Egypt, Cairo is considered the largest city in the Arab world and is ranked as the fifteenth largest on a global scale. It is not surprising then, that the City of a Thousand Minarets — an ode to historic Cairo — has undiscovered, hidden spots.

Here are five hidden gems in Cairo that every Egyptian should visit.

Klatkit Art Space

Nostalgia with a side of coffee, Klakit Art Space is a cosy little spot for breakfast. Made up of small balconies that offer a gorgeous view outlooking the quieter parts of downtown Cairo, the homey venue sees vintage art adorning its walls.

Figures from Egypt’s cinematic golden age — the likes of actors Shadia and Omar El Sharif — are part of the DNA of the cafe that lends it its charm.


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For those looking for spots to take their furry friends along with them, Klatkit is pet-friendly.

Visit the Instagram page.

Dukan Al Zaman Al-Gamil

The story of Dukan Al Zaman Al-Gamil goes that the owner of the shop quit his job seven years ago to follow his passion: collecting antiques.

Emulating what many Egyptians fantasise about, the founder chased his dream all the way to the charming neighbourhood known as Khan Al Khalili. An antique dealer, the shop collects a variety of vintage trinkets including stamps, cameras, tapes and gramophones, a type of antique record player. Some of the store’s magazines cost over EGP 30,000 (USD 969.2).

The store does not have an Instagram account, though. However, for those looking to explore remnants of ages past, head to Khan Al Khalili.

Retrogade Store

Located in Zamalek, Retrograde store is every vintage lover’s dream. With a collection of classic vinyl records for artists like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and more, the store also has a corner for those enamoured by books.


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It sells second-hand books and offers a wide selection that may not be found in chain bookstores. Walking into the store, customers are greeted with tunes playing from a phonograph — a record player — with a setup that is nostalgic of all things 80s and 90s.

Visit the Instagram page.

Rokn Farouk Museum

While not necessarily hidden, it is one of the lesser-known museums in Egypt. Located in Helwan, the Rokn Farouk Museum was originally a rest stop for Egypt’s King Farouk, established between 1941 and 1942, and turned into a museum in 1976.

Showcased in the venue are a number of the king’s possessions including a personal portrait of the royal and his bedroom set as well as a number of antiquity pieces.

It is said to have been built as a space for the king to spend time with his friends and for special occasions. Made up of three floors, it is said that there were 637 pieces displayed in 2016.

With a spectacular view of the Nile, the space surrounding the museum is home to a fountain dubbed the fountain of love.

Located along the Nile in Helwan, the museum is open from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Tree Trunk

Tree Trunk, which is in Korba, is a boho-style restaurant with a design made up of different knick-knacks. With clay pots, plants, and wicker baskets all imbuing the venue with free-spirited charm, the view is one overlooking the area’s skyline.


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The restaurant — boasting a fusion cuisine — is also a space where yoga classes take place.

For something off the beaten path, Tree Trunk is a good spot for dates or a hang out.

Visit the Instagram page.

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