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5 Egyptian Home Décor Brands for a Unique Aesthetic

July 11, 2023
Photo credit: Kin Instagram account (@kin_forms)

Turning a house into a home is no small feat. However, it is the hand-picked pieces — those with a story — that personalise any living space.

In Egypt, there has been a newfound appreciation and celebration of locally crafted products with the artists behind them creating pieces that are modern, while also paying homage to artisanry. While some of the furniture brands have been around for years, others have popped up recently. Together, they cater to a number of tastes and aesthetics.

These brands design custom-made unique pieces that are not found in chain stores.

Here are 5 Egyptian Home Décor Brands for a unique aesthetic.


Cattleya is a tableware brand that customises mugs, bowls, and plates. Using stone to create their products, the founders behind it offer patrons a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours.


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A post shared by Cattleya (@cattleyaegypt)

They also use ceramic for their unique pieces. In terms of the customised products, one can engrave their name, or perhaps a quote that rings true to them, on the mugs.

To shop, visit their Instagram.

Geek Woods

Geek is a haven for wooden furniture bred out of one man’s passion. Founded by Hassan Kindil, Geek was born out of a love of creating unique pieces out of wood.

The brand customises furniture including coffee tables, serving carts, and side tables among other things.

The sleek designs — which also include different kinds of wood sometimes mixed with marble — are recommended for those looking to add a distinct touch to their living space.

Geek can be found at KOG at Park Street in Sheikh Zayed, a touring boutique which also sells items from the wood designer’s sister brand KIN.

To shop, visit KOG’s Instagram.


KIN — which as mentioned before can be found at KOG — creates pieces inspired by culture and kinship. Crafted by local artisans, these bowls, dishes, and mugs have a rustic aesthetic.


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A post shared by KIN | A delicacy at home. (@kin_forms)

Using soft shades and pastels for many of their products, KIN also makes tablecloths and runners. The brand is founded by Yasmine Amer.

To shop, visit KOG’s Instagram.

The Greenology

In the 21st century, plants are the new pets. As such, the pots they go into are of utmost importance.

Catering to plant parents, the Greenology offers a selection of designs and sizes for plant pots.

Their creations are artistic and colourful. However, the brand has soft tones and simpler forms for those that prefer understated pieces. Alternatively, a shopper can customise their pot to suit their taste.

The staff at the store is friendly and offers customers advice on the best practices when owning a plant. The Greenology, which is located in El Nozha Street in Sheikh Zayed, also sells a variety of plants.

To order online, visit their Instagram.


Decobate, which was founded in 2018, makes handmade ceramic dinnerware and home décor. The brand also uses mosaics for many of its items.

The artisanal pieces find their inspiration in a medley of styles hailing from all over the world, with a heavier influence from Egypt.

Decobate ships worldwide.

To shop, visit their website.

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