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5 Adventurous Food Bloggers Taking Egypt’s Culinary Scene by Storm

August 1, 2023
Photo credit: Instagram account @beannbun_

Appetising donuts with creamy green pistachio centres, meat that slides off the fork, and pancakes that would make anybody swoon are what make Cairo a culinary experience for any individual with a sweet or a savoury palate.

The city is a melting pot of different cuisines and fusions, all ready to be explored. However, with all the options that have sprouted recently, one might be at a loss as to what to try first. And sometimes, a visual picture – or a video – helps with that tough decision.

That is where Egypt’s roster of food reviewers and bloggers come in. There are several of these foodies on social media putting in the hard work of testing and trying the different recipes, restaurants, and cafés out there to bring Egyptians an honest review and a kaleidoscope of recommendations.

Here are five food bloggers taking Egypt’s culinary scene by storm.

Banoura Eats

Banoura is one of the food bloggers active on Instagram’s food review platform, Remood Places. With 257 000 followers, the young foodie has suggestions for a selection of restaurants, whether one is looking for a typical Egyptian dining experience or a foreign cuisine. Moreover, she grants her followers both affordable and high-end options.


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A post shared by Banoura (@banoura.eats)

Posting videos featuring a variety of dishes from the spots she visits, Banoura Eats takes her audience on the full experience, giving her honest opinion on each dish and rating them from most to least liked.

Omar’s Food

Omar’s Food grants netizens a medley of sumptuous recipes, restaurant reviews, and travel experiences. Nonetheless, the highlights shared from his travels usually involve food.

Food blogger Omar Shabrawy throws in a few ponderings and epiphanies too between his food posts, granting his followers delectable meal recommendations as well as wisdom.


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A post shared by Omar Shabrawy (@omarsfood)

Some of the recipes he shares with his followers are easy to make and involve a twist on traditional breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. Making how-to videos for eggs in a bagel or kofta cheeseballs, Shabrawy is constantly innovating with his recipes.

Shabrawy has amassed over 127,000 followers on Instagram, whom he keeps entertained by constantly innovating with his meal preparation videos.

Reem Ayman

Reem Ayman grants her followers entertaining videos on her Instagram account (Reem_Elkhashab) where she shares her experience trying different cuisines in Cairo. The food blogger has made it a point to discover the city through food.


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A post shared by Reem Ayman (@reem_elkhashab)

From Vietnamese to Italian restaurants, those looking to broaden their horizons will find an eclectic range of options for their taste buds.

Ayman has over 199,000 followers on Instagram with whom she shares all the latest offers.

Ramy Soli

Known as Ramy Soli in the online sphere, Ramy Soliman’s account has over 313,000 followers on Instagram and 644,000 on TikTok. He describes himself as half Egyptian, half burger in his bio.


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A post shared by Ramy Soliman | Food With Soli (@ramysoli)

Trying and testing everything from the latest burger joints in Egypt to the best croissants in the U.K, Ramy’s account is filled with mouth-watering visuals. The food blogger also shares easy-to-make recipes for those looking to explore the culinary world with minimal effort. He uses local brands that are easy to find and accessible to beginners.

In his videos, Ramy gives insightful details on the restaurants he reviews by sharing brief descriptions of each dish.

Foodista Egypt

Foodista Egypt is made up of two sisters, Aya and Alaa El Garhy who have amassed over 124 000 followers. The food bloggers have made it their mission to bring their audience the best in Egypt and Greece, with a focus on Athens and Cairo.


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A post shared by Foodista Egypt (@foodistaegypt)

The El Garhy sisters share their selection of top restaurants in both countries, while occasionally adding mouthwatering recipes. Catering to a wide range of diets, the sisters share healthy recipes, as well as easy-to-make meals, and hearty meals.

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