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5 Spots in Egypt to Indulge in a Smashed Burger

August 15, 2023
Photo credit: JJ’s Instagram account

The culinary scene in Egypt never ceases to innovate and create, with each season bringing with it a new twist on a run-of-the-mill dish. The latest trend that has replaced the burger in the city is the smashed burger.

But what is the smashed burger? It is when the burger is made by cooking ground beef on a skillet or a pan with the cook immediately pressing down on it as it sizzles. This technique allows for a more flavourful patty and as a result a more sumptuous meal.

The smashed burger touched down in Cairo a while back but its popularity and the demand for it is not slowing down as several joints serving the burger have popped up over the years, while existing restaurants have added it to their menus.

Here are five joints in town to have smashed burgers.


While Maine mainly (pun-intended) serves seafood rolls and burgers, it has also joined in the smashed burger trend and integrated it as an option on its menu.


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A post shared by Maine Egypt (@maineegypt)

Located in Cairo at The Drive by Waterway, and in Sahel, in Telal, Northed, and Lakeyard, Maine is mostly known for its exquisite seafood rolls which offer a variety of options including smoked salmon rolls and butterfly shrimps rolls. The menu is an eclectic journey of taste as it also has loaded mac and cheese as well as a series of other fusion dishes.

Maine delivers to New Cairo and Maadi.

Three Diner

Three Diner is all about the American sandwich. When it first landed in Cairo, the focus was more on their signature sandwiches which didn’t necessarily put an emphasis on burgers. While the menu was limited, it offered staples of American cuisine with a twist.


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A post shared by Three Diner (@three.diner)

One could find Philly cheese steaks, loaded fries, and short rib sandwiches. Today, the menu has evolved to include a selection of sandwiches and burgers including the infamous smashed burger.

Three Diner is located in The Drive by Waterway, and it also has delivery.


Praised by several foodies for its smashed burger, JJ’s has a selection of sandwiches from Black Angus burgers to seafood creations. The buns are soft and fluffy, while the patties are juicy or in the case of the smashed burger…smashed.


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A post shared by JJ’s (@lets.jjs)

The burger joint also has a selection of delectable desserts for one to cater to their sweet tooth after their salty indulgence. The dessert menu features French toast with either Nutella or Lotus.

JJ’s has several branches including one in Arkan, Sheikh Zayed and Seashell in the North Coast.

Dash Burger

Dash Burger’s bio on Instagram reads: “The Real Smash.” Enough said.


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A post shared by Dash Burger (@dashburger.eg)

While it has a selection of burgers, appetizers, and even sauces to choose from, the show stopper is its smashed burger. Using different combinations of ingredients to innovate the formula of its sandwiches, Dash Burger’s meals will keep one satiated and content.

It has branches in Dokki and in Sheikh Zayed. It also delivers for those who’d rather have their burgers, snuggled under their covers while having a Netflix session.

Just Smash

As the name suggests, this spot specializes in smashed burgers. Just Smash serves a burger that has several delicious layers of patty goodness and cheese.


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A post shared by Just Smash (@just.smashburger)

The burger is juicy, melts in one’s mouth, and is smashed – the whole point of this list.

Just Smash is located in Nasr City, and it also delivers.

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