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5 Egyptian Mental Wellness Influencers to Follow on Instagram

October 10, 2023
Photo credit: The Conversation.

At a time when the stigma surrounding mental health is diminishing, social media platforms have become hubs for mental health professionals to spread their knowledge and provide support to millions of users.

Some of the most prominent mental health influencers on these platforms use their space to simplify complex concepts, provide practical advice, and foster a sense of community among those struggling with mental health issues.

This compilation introduces a diverse group of experts, each contributing their own distinctive style and knowledge to actively engage and educate their followers on a wide range of topics, from anxiety and depression to self-care and personal development.

On World Mental Health Day, we celebrate these champions of mental wellness, who dedicate endless hours to raising awareness and helping countless individuals from Egypt and beyond.

Yasmine Mubarak

With more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, Yasmine Mubarak’s Mind Matters is a thriving mental health hub on which the psychotherapist shares advice on a wide array of issues that range from explaining the complexity of mental illnesses to life coaching.

Her calm, composed manner in delivering her content earns her the praise of thousands of her followers.

Mai Al Badawy


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A post shared by Mai El-Badawy | Kids & Parent Coach (@mai.kidscoach)

Mai Al Badawy has four years of professional experience in child coaching. The Instagram and TikTok influencer assists children facing various mental health challenges such as anxiety, self-esteem issues, depression, anger management, and sleep problems.

Al Badawy’s coaching method involves setting goals and employing activities, communication, and meditation.

Additionally, the life coach extends her services to parents, helping them gain new perspectives and valuable tools to improve their relationships with their children. Her deep understanding of children’s needs and her dedication to fostering harmonious family dynamics make her a respected figure in the field of child coaching.

Ahmed Sameh


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A post shared by Emmkan | Ahmed Sameh (@emmkanegypt)

Ahmed Sameh, the founder of Emmkan, Egypt’s leading social-emotional learning platform, is a dedicated advocate for social change, driven by his strong belief in the power of education and positive learning experiences. With over a decade of experience, he has delivered more than 2500 hours of training workshops to over 20,000 individuals across more than 75 organizations.

Emmkan shares a similar commitment to transforming the lives of young people. Their programs, rooted in educational research and social-emotional learning theories, employ contemporary teaching methods to address mental health issues, promote positive psychological attitudes, improve character and behavior, and develop essential workplace skills.

Emmkan’s ultimate vision is to make a positive impact on the younger generation, guiding them toward personal and professional growth.

Michael Malak


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A post shared by Michael Malak – مايكل ملاك (@themichaelmalak)

Motivational speaker Michael Malak has dedicated his personal account on Instagram to raising awareness about the various mental health issues plaguing millions.

Using his platform, Malak creates short-format videos on various mental health concepts, offering advice to his followers on different issues such as healthy relationships, setting boundaries, and dealing with depression.

Maram Tolba


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A post shared by Maram Tolba (@maramtol)

Maram Tolba is a counseling psychologist who graduated from the American University in Cairo, where she earned her BA in Psychology and completed her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

Through her platform, on which she has amassed more than five thousand followers, she helps people traverse the ebbs and flows of life, teaching her audience complex mental health concepts such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma, and dissociation as well as how to deal with mental illnesses and achieve personal growth.

Tolba also happens to be a seasoned researcher with published work on the impact of divorce in Egypt, working currently on innovative interventions to tackle marital issues.

Beyond traditional counseling, she also conducts engaging art therapy workshops, where she encourages individuals to explore the connection between their mind, body, and soul for a more vibrant life.

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