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Excitement Builds as Egyptian Audiences Look Forward to Mawdoo’ ‘Aely Season 3

October 22, 2023
Photo credit: Sayidaty
Photo credit: Sayidaty

Television series that address family matters and bring back the ambiance of a traditional Egyptian household are always a favorite for many viewers. For young and old, these shows are often enjoyed by the whole family alike. It is a rare activity that brings them together.

The first and second seasons of Mawdoo’ ‘Aely (Family Matter), which are available for US-based audiences on Sling Arabic TV, the leading provider for Arabic live streaming and on-demand channels in the United States, were definitely a family favorite in many Egyptian homes.

With 10 episodes in the first season and 12 episodes in the second, Ibrahim, played by Maged El Kedwany, and his family, became a huge part of the daily lives of many viewers.

Directed by Ahmed El Gendy and produced by Shahid, the show follows Ibrahim, who discovers that he has a daughter, Sara, played by Rana Raeis. Due to unexpected circumstances, he is forced to become her legal guardian for six months, during which both their lives take an unprecedented turn.

In the second season, despite feeling reluctant about the idea of seeing his daughter as a bride, life-changing experiences force Ibrahim to change his mindset.

Throughout seasons one and two of the show, audiences see the evolution of the father-daughter relationship.

With amicable characters, a well-written and engaging scenario, and a series of eventful episodes, this dramedy was trending across the MENA region when it aired, and for a while after that too.

Photo credit: Al Youm Al 7

Excitement is building as preparation is ongoing for Season 3. Although there hasn’t been an official date announced, we can’t wait to watch it on Sling TV as soon as it is out.

Sling Arabic TV opens the door for US-based audiences to indulge in Arab content, courtesy of its premium live TV channels and the largest Arabic on-demand libraries globally, which include Shahid VIP, MySatGo, and Istikana.

Presenting an all-in-one entertainment solution, Sling allows subscribers to include live American TV channels and on-demand content into their libraries. A three-day free trial lets you try Sling Arabic TV and enjoy the best movies, series and shows.

Watch the first two seasons of Mawdoo’ ‘Aely now, and stay tuned for season 3.

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