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Egypt’s Ministry of Defense Releases Rare Records About October War

February 18, 2024
6 October War, 1973. Photo credit: Youm 7

Egypt’s Ministry of Defense’s official website released numerous documents regarding the October 1973 war, which is known as the Yom Kippur War or the Fourth Arab–Israeli War.

The handwritten files reveal military strategies put forth to reclaim Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Syria’s Golan Heights, occupied by Israel then. The official papers also highlight the significance of Egyptian Media and the role it played in preparation and planning.


The half-a-century-old documents included the military-strategic planning for the war, as well as the conduct of the war throughout its stages until the ceasefire. It also included details on how to close the breach between the Shamel plan and its modified version, in addition to de-escalating the conflict and the withdrawal of Israeli forces, as well as some memoranda from the leaders.

According to the records, the military-strategic planning for the October 1973 War is among the highest levels of global military doctrine, with political-military guidance from the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, preparation of the doctrine of use for the armed forces, operational planning, organization of strategic cooperation, supervision, review, and planning testing, all confirming the armed forces’ ability to execute planned missions.

Anwar El-Sadat, the late President of Egypt declared that the operations during the October War would leave a lasting imprint on military history, subject to study and examination for years to come, according to Parlmany.

During the war, Egyptian forces crossed the line of fortifications built by Israel along the eastern bank of the Suez Canal, Bar Lev Line, penetrating the eastern bank of the canal, blocking enemy strikes and counterattacks, advancing eastward, dismantling the Israeli security theory.

“The risks and sacrifices were great for the glorious October 6th war,” El-Sadat declared.

The official website of the Ministry of Defense confirmed that Egyptian media had a regional and international influence on the war. With credibility, the media had gained the trust of Egyptians and controlled the narrative to reveal Israel’s intentions.

The Professor of Strategic Sciences at Nasser Military Academy and General, Dr. Nasr Salem, stated, “The October War is not forgotten, and the released documents serve as a reminder of Egypt’s recent and glorious history.”

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