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‘New Cairo Slaughterer of Women’ is a Popular TikToker in Egypt

May 28, 2024
Image Credit: TikTok/@hookedon.fonix

A recently arrested Egyptian serial killer, dubbed the ‘New Cairo Slaughterer’, was revealed to be a TikToker with over 600,000 followers on the platform.

The social media influencer, whose real name is Karim, amassed a following by creating content for non-English speaking audiences on American slang and ways of speaking.

The murderer’s TikTok page, known as ‘Hooked On Fonix’, has since been deleted along with his YouTube channel ‘Speak EZ Hub’.

Screenshot taken by Egyptian Streets

Karim, 37, graduated from an American university and holds dual citizenship in Egypt and the United States. Upon graduation, he worked as a teacher before pursuing content creation.

The murderer, who was married and has one child, relocated to Egypt after divorcing – residing in a gated community in New Cairo.

Egyptian security forces had received a report, prior to his capture, that a woman’s body was found on the desert road to Ismailia and later, another woman’s body was found in Port Said. Both victims had similar injuries, indicating that both were killed by the same person.

Major General Mahmoud Abu Omra, Assistant Minister of Interior for General Security, had formed a task force to investigate the crimes and to find the killer. With secured surveillance cameras, detectives conducted investigations and identified Karim as the suspect.

Security sources stated that the number of victims is six. The three bodies found were, according to preliminary investigations and security forces are working on locating the remaining bodies.


Please note that the below information may be triggering due to the graphic and violent nature of the murders.

Investigations revealed that the murderer had relationships with his victims who he would later bring to his apartment.

He confessed that he would spend a ‘romantic night’ with the victims during the first date and would commit the crime at their second meeting.

A drug test revealed traces of hashish, tramadol, and methamphetamine in Karim’s blood system, revealed investigations. Karim would later confess that he would pressure and coerce his victims to use the substances with him.

The killer also confessed to investigators various sadistic tendencies, stating that he would watch several sexually sadistic videos – at times while the victims were at his apartment.

Phone footage obtained by authorities showed that he recorded the crimes, revealing instances of victims being tied and tortured.

The scene of the crime itself – a room in the suspect’s apartment – was soundproofed to isolate his victims and block the sound of their screams.

Detailing his murderous process, Karim would place the victim’s body in his car trunk late at night, and dump them in a desolate place.

News of the murders and the identity of the serial killer stirred social media, with many citizens comparing him to now-jailed Egyptian serial killer Gaddafi Farag – commonly known as ‘The Giza Slaughterer’ due to a popular television show chronicling his story – who also murdered love interests.

The horrors of the crime also raised questions over the safety and security of Egyptian women, with the country facing a recent spur of public femicide cases in the past few years.

A court date is yet to be publicly announced.

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