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Apple Sues Egyptian Retailers for Trademark Infringement

July 5, 2024
Photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar.

Global tech giant, Apple, has filed an urgent lawsuit against several retail stores in Egypt, accusing them of using Apple’s trademark and selling counterfeit products, which “threatens to erode consumer trust in the brand.”

In their statement, the company stated that it was alarmed to discover several retail stores infringing on its trademark, and, as a consequence, has decided to take legal action against numerous stores across Egypt.

In its lawsuit, the American tech pioneer further explained that it has gained extensive global recognition due to the trust built between consumers and its branded products. This reputation, according to Apple, is the result of consistent efforts to maintain the quality of its products.

The company holds registered and globally recognized trademarks, including the iconic Apple logo, in most member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as well as within Egypt.

The protection extends not only within Egypt but across many countries worldwide. As such, any act of trademark infringement by other parties constitutes a deliberate crime that reflects the bad faith of the perpetrator, given the brand’s fame.

The company also mentioned that its trademarks enjoy legal protection under Law No. 82 of 2002, which grants Apple the exclusive right to use its trademarks and prohibits others from infringing upon this right.

Apple warned that any imitation of its trademark by another party constitutes an intentional crime and asserted its commitment to respecting and adhering to all laws and principles related to the protection of intellectual property rights.

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