4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt

Since the extraordinary events at Tahrir Square in 2011, where thousands of passionate Egyptians managed to enter a new democratic era, tourism to Egypt has taken a hit. Tourism is essential for Egyptian prosperity post-revolution, with the industry providing jobs for 16 million Egyptians.

To possibly help in boosting tourism, I decided to write a post recommending four reasons why you should visit Egypt!

1)  Monuments and Artefacts

From The Metropolitan Museum in New York, to the Louvre in Paris, Ancient Egypt tends to feature prominently in museums world-wide. Recently, the exhibition “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,” travelled the world ended the final leg of a 10-year-long tour in Japan. The exhibition attracted more than 7 million visitors around the world. In Australia it managed to break attendance records at the Melbourne Museum.

I visited the Melbourne exhibition, and it was spectacular. There was a great mix of beautiful items that managed to portray Ancient Egyptian history and culture. However, having lived in Egypt, I was surprised by the comments of many visitors such as “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the world.”

Inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Why? Because, once you have been to Egypt, no museum is adequate anymore. The immense amount of fascinating artefacts that can be seen in the Egyptian Museum is outstanding: they definitely leave the best artefacts in Egypt. Moreover, King Tut exhibition may never be on tour again since a new national museum is expected to open in Egypt.

Abu Simbel Temple in Luxor at Night

Apart from the artefacts  let’s not forget the monuments: from the Pyramids and the Luxor Temple, to King Tutankhamun’s tomb. With more than 30% of the world’s monuments, Egypt is the place to visit if you’re interested in Ancient Egypt, Archaeology  or simply want to look at magnificent monuments and shiny artefacts.

2) Sharm El-Sheikh

Have you watched Finding Nemo? Remember how beautiful the underwater scenery was? Well, you should definitely visit Sharm El-Sheikh! Sharm El-Sheikh is located along the Red Sea and is known as the world’s leading scuba-diving destination, providing some of the most stunning underwater scenery.

If you don’t know how to dive, you could always soak up sun, snorkel (which from experience is both amazing and scary – seeing Nemo up-close isn’t quite what I thought it would be) or enjoy the numerous amount of available water activities: Glass-bottom boats that allow you to observe what is underwater while enjoying a relaxing cruise, jet skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, and plenty more!

One of the many beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh

Night-life of Sharm El-Sheikh is very lively giving the visitor a blend of Ancient and Modern Egypt. You can visit one of the local markets to buy colourful souvenirs of the local Bedouin, or if you’re in the party mood, you could go clubbing at the world-renowned Pacha[4].

The bustling Naama Bay in Sharm, with local markets, restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops, and more to satisfy the night owl!

Feeling the spontaneous urge to visit Sharm El-Sheikh? Sharm El-Sheikh has perfect weather all year long!

3) Sandboarding

Yes, you read that right. Unlike snowboarding, sandboarding takes place on sand dunes and originated in Ancient Egypt, where Ancient Egyptians would slide down dunes on pieces of wood. Thankfully, sandboarding is much safer than snowboarding because…well there aren’t any massive boulders or trees that you can accidently crash into: just an endless, deserted landscape.

Campers enjoying the sunset in the White Desert

After you’ve enjoyed a day of sandboarding, you should consider camping in the desert and enjoy a cup of hot tea while observing astronomic wonders (this is best done in Luxor).

4) The Nile Cruise

If you’ve read Agatha Christie’s captivating novel, Death on the Nile (1937), you will know exactly what to expect.

One of the many views you can encounter on the Nile Cruise

The Nile Cruise is probably one of the most breathtaking experiences out there. As you travel down what is considered the lifeline of Ancient Egyptians, you will encounter different scenery every day – from local fishermen casting their nets, to hungry crocodiles bathing in the sun – and learn about the importance of the Nile. The cruise is like a hotel on water: there are pools, restaurants, clubs, and live entertainment which include plays, belly dancers, folk music, and more. My favourite aspect of the trip is watching the sun set over the Nile River.

The Philae Temple, one of the many ancient and historic aspects of the cruise

Usually the cruise lasts a few days, and is perfect for travelling between Aswan and Luxor – hotbeds for tourism.

For more information on Egypt, or if you’re planning on visiting Egypt soon, visit

The Not So Great Pyramid of Giza

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  • Akanbi Salau

    Egypt the land of the pharaoh. I wish I can travel to Egypt this coming holiday – December.

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  • hi,

    You forgot the mosques, Alexandria library, the castle, the food,

  • Egypt is a really rich travel destination offering plenty of types for all ages and interests.

  • Jone Adem

    Definitely agree with every word in the article. Also would like to add that I loved visiting the Bedouin villages that was part of the tour package offers by Shaspo Tours Egypt is a wonderful place and I would love to go there again,

  • Many people believed that the visit Egypt is to visit the Pharaonic monuments, Egyptian Museum, Hotels at all levels, Beaches, Pyramids, Temples, All of this is wonderful, But don’t look to the hidden meaning behind visiting Egypt, It isn’t just a visit to the tourism and recreation, Every country has a lot of aspects of tourism and recreation, But the real difference between visiting Egypt and other countries lies in simplicity, Who hasn’t tired of the life of luxury and technology and would like to live a very simple life doesn’t see any manifestation of Technology, a lot of the Egyptian country didn’t abandon about Their Ancient heritage With the ability to live in luxury, But They chose the life of originality on the life of luxury, You feel pleasure when you sit down with these people when you see them cook the Egypt simple foods, When you taste the foods You will feel something wonderful, Taste you don’t want him to leave your mouth, Or sit with them around the fire under a clear sky full of stars when they grilling meat and drinking the Delicious Egyptian Tea and Tell interesting anecdotes about Egypt and the Egyptians And that make you feel warm and tolerance and the extent of generosity that you touch in These people, Is this scene can be missed ?

    I don’t think so

    So, visite to Egypt and Egyptians are a treasure No one can leave it

  • Wow, i’ve never thought of going to Egypt for a holiday at all but this just makes me want to head over during the holidays. Sandboarding looks so sick. It is a shame the Australian media do highlight Egypt as unsafe because im sure every aussie would love it over there.

    • They would. You get a mix of everything: from beaches and night-life, to sight-seeing and just general relaxation.

      In terms of safety, if Molly Meldrum – who as we all know was recently in an accident – is going to Egypt in the coming months (his billionth trip to Egypt), then that sends a message that it is safe for Australians.

  • That sounds great! I saw the Tutankhamen exhibition at the Melbourne Museum last year and it was really cool so I can’t wait to visit Egypt one day 🙂

  • In the summer I’m going traveling to Israel with two friends of mine from school. We had agreed when we were organising the trip that we wanted to have a look at some nearby countries as well and I recommended Egypt. My friends were both immediately sceptical and concerned about the civil unrest and our safety. It’s a real shame. Reading this blog only reaffirms all my reasons I wanted to visit Egypt. I wish I could have sent this to them before we booked.

    • What near by country are you going to instead?

      Unfortunately Egypt has been portrayed by Australian media (specifically) as unsafe. However, for tourists the country remains one of the safest in the region (to some extent more than Israel) -yet the media chooses to focus on isolated incidents that have nothing to do with tourists or foreigners.

      Enjoy your trip to Israel! Maybe one day you’ll get to Egypt :).

  • I have to agree with you. Egypt has never really been high on my travel priority list and when a friend went a couple of years ago with her family I was frankly a little confused as to why they chose Egypt as their family holiday destination. However, in the last year I know a few others who have travelled with tours to this mysterious places and the photos they bring back are enough to start moving Egypt higher on my list. I am a huge history lover and would love to explore the array of museums and artefacts in between experiencing the diverse culture. Hopefully I’ll get there one day.

    • Many Australians don’t consider Egypt due to the distance. According to a recent report by Forbes, Cairo, Egypt remains the second most visited city in Africa and the Middle East (The first being Dubai, UAE due to their international airport), which shows its popularity amongst those in other countries.

      Anyhow, I am glad you enjoyed the article! I am sure you’d definitely have a great time in Egypt :)!

  • You forgot the best reason of all: the Egyptian people. From my first days as an undergraduate who didn’t speak a word of maSri to … well, now I’ve forgotten most of my fusHa, the Egyptians themselves are what has kept me coming back again and again and again. And, inshallah, again soon 🙂

    • You are absolutely right! Originally, I planned this article to be “Top 5 Reasons why to visit Egypt” with the fifth being the people. Unfortunately, I ran out of words! From the hospitality, to the pure kindness they display, they are definitely memorable – regardless of where you are from.

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