Islamist offensive against Christians in Upper Egypt

Islamist offensive against Christians in Upper Egypt

As the Islamist-movement is on the defensive in Cairo, their peers in Upper-Egypt are waging an intensified hate campaign these days.

By Alice Tegle, correspondent,

An Egyptian Coptic Christian woman prays in a church within Al-Mahraq Monastery in Assiut, Upper Egypt, Aug. 6, 2013. Photo: AP
An Egyptian Coptic Christian woman prays in a church within Al-Mahraq Monastery in Assiut, Upper Egypt, Aug. 6, 2013. Photo: AP

ASSIUT, EGYPT: “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians”, shouted the 10.000 Islamists who were marching down a Christian dominated street in the Nile side city of Assiut last night, Associated Press (AP) reports.

Supervised by an adult, six children were spray painting «Boycott the Christians» and «Pope Tawadros is a dog» on the wall, according to the AP. Christian homes, stores and churches have been marked with red painted crosses.

At least 11 Copts have been killed since Morsi’s toppling by the Military on June 30. Several others have been injured the last month during violent attacks on churches in Asyut, Luxor and al-Minya.

Pleading for protection

As a reaction a coalition of 16 Egyptian rights groups Wednesday expressed «grave concern regarding the increasing sectarian violence which has targeted Christians and their churches since the June 30 uprising», the Egyptian state-owned daily Al-Ahram reports.

The situation provokes Copts across the world, as the Bishop Angaelos of The Coptic Chruch in the UK stated on its official webpage the same day:

«Egypt cannot move forward while state apparatus does not hold people accountable for these unlawful hate crimes that stand to divide the country further, promoting increased polarization at every level».

According to the same Bishop, Pope Tawardros II has cancelled all weekly public meetings due to concerns over attacks on his congregation. During these events, Pope Tawadros often gives lectures and answers questions from the congregation.

Adding to Bishop Angaelos’ statements, 16 Egyptian human rights organizations denounced recent violence and called for the government to take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of Copts. Human rights activists have said that the government is not doing enough to protect Copts, and has often failed to prosecute those involved in attacks.

Christian violence?

Muslim Brotherhoodʼs Ikhwanweb on the other hand pointed in June to a Christian female preacher no better than Islamist hard-liners. Heating up masses at a special Church service she shouted «Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ», as shown in the movie clip below. This is one example of ‘excuses’ being used by the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists as a means to blame Morsi’s toppling on Christians and to further incite violence.

Still, sectarian violence has rarely been instigated by “radical Christians,” and has more often been the result of family feuds, land rivalries, or radical Islamist groups.

With an impending dispersal of pro-Morsi sit-ins, Egyptians are starting to worry that Islamists may blame the Copts.

As for now the scent of generous Eid al-Fitr meals fill the streets of Egypt, but the smell of blood is never far away.

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Rising violence against Egypt's Coptic Christians

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  • Very interesting article. I’m so glad that you and others are calling attention to the persecution of Christians there.

  • Mareli

    The Muslim Brotherhood is behaving toward the Copts in the same manner that the Israeli settlers do toward the Palestinians in their “price tag” attacks.

  • Marty

    I am a fan of ES, but the above article has offended me and any Christian that reads it.

    ES… I demand further investigation in labelling the above video as “Christian violence”. This is untrue, misleading and therefore, in itself, is inciting violence against christians even further!!!!

    This mislabelling shows poor investigation on your behalf. There is obviously a severe misunderstanding regarding the lady’s comments in the video.

    First of all, she did not say “Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ”… she said “sprinkle the blood of christ over Egypt”.

    Second, if anyone bothers to investigate this statement further, this is NOT inciting violence, it is calling upon Jesus Christ to have His way over what is happening in the country, nothing to do with murder or violence. It is NOT physical but spiritual. She is NOT inciting murder or blood-shed, but calling upon the one that already shed His blood for us, Jesus Christ.

    Thirdly, do you see the congregation waving swords and fists in the air and in rage!??? They are peaceful and are asking God to have His way by the authority we have in Jesus Christ (“sprinkling of the blood”) – i.e. they want piece, no blood shed, no murder, no violence. Doesn’t that make you think twice before labelling it “Christian Violence”!!!?

    Fourthly, “no better than Islamist hard-liners”. Seriously!? Please CHECK again in the light of the above. This cannot be more false.

    Fifthly, “Heating up masses’ – heated them up to pray for their country seeking peace – you have reported the opposite and are now justifying the violence against christians in Egypt. STOP IT!

    Please remove immediately and apologise to the Christian community that have seen nothing but persecution for YEARS, even before 30 June (as per your articles). Disgusting. Christians will never stop loving their neighbours and misleading the public with misinterpretation saddens me.

    You’ve lost my respect and hope you can action this ASAP.

    I look forward to your reply.

    • I do not need to respond to each point, simply because of the following statement:

      “Muslim Brotherhoodʼs Ikhwanweb on the other hand pointed in June to a Christian female preacher no better than Islamist hard-liners. Heating up masses at a special Church service she shouted «Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ», as shown in the movie clip below.”

      This was the claim made by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanweb, and they used that exact quotation. The point of this was to portray how the MB is using this as an “excuse” or as a means to further incite against Copts.

      • Marty

        Thanks for your response. I understand what you are saying.

        In that case, it would be wise to write a comment after to help the reader understand that this is obviously not true and “the MB is using this as an “excuse” or as a means to further incite against Copts.” + rename the “christian violence”. Just a suggestion.

        • Thank you for the suggestion. I will run it past the Chief Editor.

          • Marty

            Thank you 🙂

          • Marty

            Just as I thought, nothing has been done. Was this run past the Chief Editor?

          • The article had been scheduled to update today (and as checked now, it appears to have done so).

  • Reblogged this on Ned Hamson Second Line View of the News and commented:
    Harming and oppressing people of other religions brings no honor and certainly offends the one you claim to worship!

  • Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


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