Egypt Bans Import of All Foreign Made Egyptian Souvenirs

Egypt Bans Import of All Foreign Made Egyptian Souvenirs


Egypt’s Trade and Industry Ministry has issued a ban on the import of all Egyptian souvenirs made abroad, announced Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour on Saturday.

The Ministry’s decision bans the import of souvenirs and products of “artistic and folkloric nature, as well as archaeological models” reported Al-Masry Al-Youm. According to the Ministry, the move aims to preserve Egypt’s artistic heritage and promote the purchase of locally made souvenirs and products.

Among the types of gifts and souvenirs which have been banned from import are objects made of wood, mosaics, metals, jewels, carpets, paintings, sculptures, objects made of marble, fake alabaster and more.

Visitors to Egypt often encounter souvenirs made in China, which are often of a lesser quality than Egyptian produced souvenirs. The influx of Chinese-made souvenirs had also impacted local businesses and contributed to unemployment, said the Minister.

The decision to ban the import of foreign made souvenirs comes as the tourism industry is slowly recovering. According to Egypt’s new Tourism Minister Khaled Ramy, the government hopes to raise $20 billion in revenue from tourism by 2020 by attracting 20 million visitors.

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  • Mohamed Elsebaey Issa

    Good news indeed

  • Ghada Fayrouz Badran
  • Ghada Fayrouz Badran

    How could I share with my products?

  • Carmine Bracale

    I particularly hated the ugly Fanous lamps for Ramadan that came out of China. It was an insult to the Holy month.

  • Carmine Bracale

    AS a tour leader and escort to Egypt for many, many years, I never ceased to be disgusted by the cheap Chinese junk that was being passed off as authentic Egyptian crafts. THE ban is the best thing that could have happened.

  • Amal Amal


  • Ihab Badran

    I have been waiting for this for a long time..some of my foreign friends here in Europe complained about buying souvenirs from Egypt and it turned out to be made in China…this is a very good move ta7ya Masr

  • Fischer Andreas

    Very good idea! As a tourist in Egypt, I´d like to get Souvernirs made in Egypt, and not cheap china-copies. Congratulations…Misr!

  • Elisa Gronland

    that’s the way it should be….

  • Ismael Pim Gombos

    perfect news, we have 100% original souvenirs from local wood out of dahab. in the store.

  • Reem

    This is the greatest idea that has come yet. I hope people accept it though!

    • Mohamed El sadany

      Hi Reem
      I am Designer of gifts and souvenirs doing this business in China since 8 years, I am Egyptian and I am also not happy when I was manufactured this product in China but the problem is I tried many time to do it in Egypt but I didn’t find the experts and the handcuffs that can produce it in Egypt

      • K

        unless you’re depending on slavery, you wont be needing these handcuffs

      • Reem

        That’s fair, but I have to disagree that the expertise is there, maybe not the resources yet, but they will develop. I don’t think its fair for us to use that as an execuse rather than work on developing it ourselves.

  • Lena Saint Germain

    i found an egyptian style keyholder, made in Mexico, at the gift shop of the Cairo Antiquities Museum. It was a shock. I live in Mexico, by the way.

  • Egyptian Canadian

    Great….I can’t tell you how much garbage I was being offered 2 months ago when I was there, all made in China.

    Tourists don’t want that crap, you can get that anywhere in the world for dirt cheap. People want authentic Egyptian made merchandise. And most importantly, it helps our tourism industry.

    I just hope they’re serious about cracking down on the importation of that cheap foreign crap.

  • Commander_Chico

    Good idea.

  • About time. Good move.

  • cirlu

    Great ban Hotep.


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