Egyptian Bar Accused of ‘Profiling’ and Discrimination

Egyptian Bar Accused of ‘Profiling’ and Discrimination

Lifestyles for only the rich and the famous?
Lifestyles for only the rich and the famous?

A newly opened bar and grill in Cairo’s fairly up-scale locale of Korba has been accused of profiling after a customer was told he must submit his Facebook profile – and those of others accompanying him – to the bar before making a reservation.

Mohannad Ali, in a Facebook post that has gone viral, claimed that The Garden in Korba “asked us to send them a Facebook message containing links to the Facebook profiles of the people that are coming, and after checking out our profiles, they would confirm our reservation.”

Mohannad and others claimed that this is part of a trend to ‘profile’ and “background check” potential customers to see if they are “fit” to attend. The reaction to Mohannad’s post has led to widespread outrage on social media, forcing The Garden to remove its ‘review’ section on Facebook.

The Facebook page of The Garden
The Facebook page of The Garden after removal of the ‘review’ system

In defence of the action, The Garden told Egyptian Streets that it “asks people to send in their profiles so they can be added to our membership system and be informed about great upcoming events.”

The Garden also defended their policy, stating “it also helps verify age. The Garden also allows walk ins with no reservations at all…Asking people for the Facebook profile is a convenient way to contact people and inform them of what is happening…Many places in Cairo use this system and it is also used in many countries.”

In a second statement sent to Egyptian Streets, The Garden explained “It seems whoever made the complaint did not understand the point was to join our database.”

Despite The Garden’s statements, several social media users have alleged that this ‘social profiling’ is ‘regular practice’ at The Garden and other locales deemed as “exclusive” and “restricted to certain sectors of Egypt’s society.”

Upon learning of The Garden’s response, Mohannad Ali stated that “they explicitly said on the phone that to make a reservation I need to send Facebook profiles and wait for confirmation…not to mention of course they had not mentioned a word about adding me to their database.”

Mohannad also added that it is ‘not easy’ to “just walk in” without a reservation, and that Facebook is not a proper tool for age verification. “Humanity has devised a great tool for age verification called an identification document.”

Mohannad's initial post
Mohannad’s initial post
The Garden's official response to Egyptian Streets
The Garden’s official response to Egyptian Streets

UPDATE 1: The Garden has sent through another explanation regarding the alleged Facebook vetting. Read it below:


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  • the only thing we are helping is this blog…which is fine. but as for the bars in cairo now…hmm cairo cairo! lost innonce, gained repression…good luck to the many good and kind people of egypt …. don’t go to places where you feel discriminated…even if that means hanging around the old fashioned coffee houses where the humble folk are nicer anyway…nouveau riche egyptians are hopeless…

  • Stay with this guys, you’re henpilg a lot of people.

  • Anonymous

    Tamari does the same btw, and Ganz events too.

  • Hesham

    OBar does the same shit!! and on christmas, i have booked for 30 people, they let 29 people in and rejected one! because she’s not fit for the club!

    • they ask for your fb profile to give to the government…their version of NSA…ha ha is so funny the way they do things in egypt, and at the same time scary…

  • Expat in Cairo

    While I do not know how their explanation translates in arabic, I can tell you in English it is what we call “convoluted bullshit.”

  • Ahmed

    the one with the blue shirt is the owner, his name is ziad el kerdany. he’s a freaking fucked up asshole, never give out your profile, you can expect anything from this psychopath.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is one of the main reasons i don’t like to hang out anymore in Cairo !! who the hell r they to evaluate u ?? another thing is that when i used to hang out in those “nice places” with reservations , high min charges , dress codes and all this shit i used to find people that really SHOULDN’T BE FITTING !! so fake people , fake places , nothing really interesting .

  • Mohamed

    i really wanted to visit this place but i wont anymore…

  • Hussein

    This is so fucking lame , so if im going with my wife i have to send em outbprofiles so they can looke up our pics !! To make sure we’re up to the standards ! Man this is just crack of shit . 7′

  • Anonymous

    sick policy.And I second you Mohannad. Fuck you Cairo.

  • Menna

    I totally believe that whomever wrote that article was a person who got rejected to have a rsv. & im also sure that if that Mohanad Ali was accepted who would have not said anything abut the place or their rule! yet if you cant accept & respect the rule of the place than dont go! i see that very professional for them to make sure they keep a certain level or image for the attendees expected to be found in that place which is for me a great thing to be having a background check, they see how you look like, friends in common just to make sure you are not a freak just bar hopping looking for a girl or too to entertain his night which to be honest most of the Egyptian men perspective of going into bars is just to make sure they get out of it with a girl! well im sorry but for me if i go to that place i expect to be comfortable having the same standard/level of people around me and surely with the same mentality and background. so im sorry Mohanad and i dont want you to take it personel but you should respect such a rule, it got nothing to do with privacy bullshit and i wouldnt call them dicks for having such a rule! and simply people if you cant respect and follow the rule of the place than simply DONT GO, but no need to be a DRAMA QUEEN about it just coz u probably got rejected!

    • “a girl or too” … “Don’t take it personel” … and “it got nothing to do” makes me MUST tell you this:

      Fucking learn English before you stick your nose so high up you’re starting to smell cloud farts.

    • LeeAnn Bailey

      Oh my God! Please don’t come to South Africa, you sound like a BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    bunch of loosers with all the complexes in the world assimilated in them.

    • Anonymous

      I always advised my close western friends not to be fooled by the so called liberal Egyptians, they try to appear by the way they dress, lifestyle and their good English accent that they are civilized human beings believing in western social values, however if you look deeper you will find a lot of them representing nothing but a middle age uncivilized valueless creature disguised in a modern look. Here is a clear example of disgusting discrimination that has been bold enough to try make profiling an official system within their operations. Really disgusting!!!

  • Mona

    They claim that they want to add your profile so they can send you info about upcoming events. BS! If you ask people to like your FB page they would still get these fabulous upcoming events without it being conditional for entry. The other reason they mention is checking the age. More BS, as since when is FB a good way of checking age?

  • Um… And for the people who don’t have their age on fb? Absolutely flawed and discriminatory. And the second message shows an insistence that the only way to make a reservation is by sharing your FB profile (which is private for most people). Way to drive off your customers. How welcoming!

  • Kareem


  • Anonymous

    “Other countries” only ask for email. And that’s optional. Also only for upcoming events and deals. Never heard of anyone asking for Facebook!!

  • this mohannad ali is right…there are other ways of verifying someone’s age. asking for fb profile seems out of place…and as usual the Egyptians know how to cover up for their lies…”other countries do it”…uhhh no they don’t.

  • Reblogged this on My Blog.

  • Ever heard of Facebook groups? #urgh..


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