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Egypt to face protests aimed at ‘imposing Islamic identity’

November 23, 2014
Photo Courtesy Of The Salafist Front Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy Of The Salafist Front Facebook Page

Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood welcomed on Sunday a call for protests scheduled for Friday, November 28 under the banner of “imposing Egypt’s Islamic identity”.

The Brotherhood released a statement describing the scheduled protests as “a new wave of the glorious Egyptian revolution.”

The Salafist front is organising protests on Friday, calling on people to take to the streets holding Qurans to “impose the Islamic identity.”

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said last week that all security apparatuses are ready to “abort the calls of extremist groups which aim for attacking public and private property on November 28.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood values this call to preserve the nation’s identity for which the Egyptian people have long struggled,” the Brotherhood’s statement read. “The Egyptians will not accept having their identity blurred or raging a war against their sanctities, destroying their mosques, burning their Qurans, killing their youth or dragging their women.”

The Brotherhood stressed that “every Egyptian faction” is entitled to expressing their opinion “with complete freedom [and] without being accused of treason or of being infidels.”

The group also warned the authorities of committing acts of “vandalism” or “killing innocent [men]” and framing “the revolution[aries]” for such acts.

The Muslim Brotherhood has come under attack since the military ouster of its leader Mohamed Mursi from the presidency in July 2013 following mass protests against his rule. The military-installed regime has since then rounded up thousands of Brotherhood members and supporters and killed hundreds of protesters in confrontations with security forces.

Egypt listed the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation last December and insists it is behind the stringent wave of militancy which has targeted security personnel since Mursi’s ouster. The Brotherhood continuously denies the accusations, distancing itself from one militant attack after the other.

Comments (7)

  1. Minymina says:

    The only way this is ever going to end is if the military uses extreme force against such groups. Every last one of these guys needs a bullet to the head to send them and their supporters a “very clear message” that the state and its people will not tolerate such acts of aggrastion. I understand this makes me sound like a psychopaths but extermests only understand violence, they can’t be reasoned with. The solution is to threat them the way the threat us.

    1. Omar Yasser Gowayed says:

      You… Are definitely a psychopath.

      Treat people with respect and institute human rights and a secular nonethnic democracy for all, and then there will be peace.

    2. Minymina says:

      Peace my ass, I have family and friends in Egypt who are scared to leave the house on Fridays because of this BS. Egyptians have simply had enough and want to see an end to this. The state has been holding back due to their respect of human rights but the fact of the matter is we aren’t dealing with humans, we’re dealing with animals.

      I constantly see comments condemning Egypt for not respecting human rights but this kind of nonsense wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else in the world. The US, leader of the free world and beacon of democracy didn’t hesitate to deal with the protesters in Ferguson. Yet when Egypt attempts to restore order, it is labeled as a police state.

    3. Omar Yasser Gowayed says:

      Ferguson was labeled as a city under police occupation and the police officer that shot an unarmed man has been suspended and they are seeing if he is to be tried. That’s not including the $20 million+ dollars the NYPD had to pay to the Occupy protesters for their response even though the NYPD didnt kill anyone.

      In short, yes: Egypt is a police state, and you need to fact check.

    4. Minymina says:

      Ferguson was a joke, it is a result of small racial tensions that resulted in mass protests that later erupted into conflict.

      Egypt’s military / Navy was just attacked a few weeks ago. Do you not comprehend the logistics of that? The navy was attacked by terrorists……THE NAVY!!!!!!!

      The country is in total war, ISIL is in Libya, Ansar is in Sinai, Hamas is in Gaza and bombs are going off every month in downtown Cairo. The situation is dire. If you think it’s ok to have so called “peaceful” islamists protesting then you need a reality check.

    5. Sdk says:

      I agree with you, these people do not think as humans to even negotiate with them so that is out the question. With them it is either Islam or against and NO rightly minded Egyptian wants another Iraq or Syria. Enough harm to the Middle East and let people live normally !!

    6. George Michael says:

      the emphasis is on ” secular nonethnic democracy for all”
      DO you really believe if the MB are still in power they will allow such democracy?, and do you think the Salafies will allow seculars to be part of the equation. Omar you are a dreamer, I hope you are right, but I don’t think so.