This 10-Year-Old Boy Died Saving His Friend in Egypt

This 10-Year-Old Boy Died Saving His Friend in Egypt

Mena pictured at a demonstration on June 30 2013
Mena pictured at a demonstration on June 30 2013

His name was Mena Maher and he was in the fifth grade. On January 25, the fourth anniversary of Egypt’s revolution, a single bullet went through his neck.

Maher, 10, leaves behind his mother and sister and many others who have praised the boy’s actions as heroic.

According to eye-witnesses and reports, Mena was shot after rushing to help his friend, Mohammed, who was shot in the arm during violent clashes in Matareya.

Mena Maher, 10, moments after being shot through the neck on January 25, 2015

On Monday, hundreds attended the funeral of the young boy in a church in Ain Shams. As his casket was slowly removed from the white van, men and women grievously screamed in disbelief.

“You were everything to me. You were everything I had,” cries his mother as she speaks to the young boy through the casket.

“Mena, I cannot believe it!” screams another woman as tears flow down her face.

Despite Mena’s death, his story remains largely unheard of across Egypt.

More importantly, there have been no indications that an investigation has been opened into the shooting of Mena.

Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood has blamed government forces for the bullet that killed the 10-year-old. Meanwhile, talk show hosts such as CBC’s Lamees El-Hadeedy and government supporters have blamed “terrorist elements” and the Muslim Brotherhood for killing the young man.

For many, however, the most stringent concern is that the killers of Mena will get away without ever being brought to justice.

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  • rexleo

    happy happy birthday to the silliness worldwide and her sister hypocrisy you can add to the monstruous wasting of love and life …..what a shame …it would be so much more useful to be smart and respectful for life ….PLEASE avoid to spread the poison out all over the place …hate doesn’t kill hate !

  • twinkle

    United we stand divided we fall.
    Now the MB terrorists shoot people trying to blame it on the police in order turn people against one another and against those who protect our country. In 2011 they were the ones who were shooting at the police in Tahrir on the roof of a building in front of the Egyptian museum they were using blackwater weapons

    Even if ONE policemen commits a crime then he alone is responsible for it and NOT the whole police force. It is crucial in this case to make a distinction between a traitor within the police force and the whole police force. Those who want to do to Egypt what they did to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen start by weakening the national army and the destruction of the state institutions.

  • George

    so sad, I’m actually related to Him, he’s my dads cousins son and its Epsom sad of how young he was and how fast he died

  • Mohammed Bahaa

    I mean its a story worth reporting on for sure. I’m afraid that the story should have focused on how he died as well. For example? What was he defending his friend from? what was his friend doing at the street at the time?

  • rzava

    potamanili se da bog da

  • Ms B from Melbourne

    My son, same age, just visited Egypt. It is safe except every where it is dangerous, because guns, killings, bombs are a weapon anyone and everyone could use or be killed by. Laying flowers, get shot, a child,
    get shot. Stop, put down your weapons…you are all smarter than this. Rip little Mena, I think of your family, we won’t forget.

  • CMahmoud

    My heart goes out to Mena’s (God rest his soul) Mother, family and friends. Sad that no one can take responsibility for taking the life of this young one. :'(

  • Mina Thabet

    i talked to an eyewitness who told me that the kid was shot after a clashes erupted between the protesters and the police forces were protesters used Molotov cocktails, Cartouche bullets, live ammo from one side, and the police forces used live ammo on the other side. no one could confirm how is the real responsible for the murder of the kid.

    • RobEhhh

      Government oppression is the culprit. Easy.

      • twinkle

        Our government is not oppressive the exact opposite of what you said is true. We shouldn’t imprison we should shoot them on the spot.

    • Brian Kory

      I talked to an eye witness who said it was demonic forces and witch craft at work… and a CIA shill that wanted to spread more terror told me it was Santa Claus.


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