19 Fans Die At Football Game in Egypt

19 Fans Die At Football Game in Egypt


At least 19 people have been killed and dozens injured at the Air Force Stadium in Cairo ahead of a Premier League match, reported state-media Al-Ahram.

According to eye-witnesses, the violence started after fans attempted to storm the stadium without purchasing tickets.

One eye-witness said members of the UWK blocked roads outside the stadium before the match started, carrying long sticks and metal poles. Another witness reported seeing dozens of fans scale the fences of the stadium and fences of the nearby Air Forces club and hotel.

Egypt’s Minsitry of Interior said that many members of the UWK had attempted to destroy property and had started attacking police officers stationed at the stadium.

In response to the violence outside, Ahram reported Zamalek’s board member Ahmed Mansour declared ‘no thugs’ would be allowed to enter.

“You do not understand anything. You are not allowed to get in by force. No one will be allowed to attend the match without tickets. Football is only for respectable fans. No thugs are allowed here,” said the board member.

Meanwhile, Mortada Mansour, President of the Zamalek Sporting Club, blamed UWK members for the violence, saying they attacked police, reported El-Badil.

However, UWK said that police used excessive force to stop fans from entering the stadium. In one post, the UWK shared a photograph of the metal bars that fans must pass through, saying it was a disgrace and insulting responsible authorities.

One football fan said police opened fire after fans without tickets attempted to storm the stadium. However, it is not yet clear whether live ammunition was used.

“Down with the state, curse you, you infidels, you sons of bitches, may you be burned,” declared the UWK’s Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 8.17.46 pm

Among those injured are at least three police officers, reported Egypt’s state radio. One police vehicle outside the stadium was set on fire during the violence.

Despite the violence, the football match between Zamalek and Enppi has continued after its commencement was delayed by an hour.

19 Killed In Egypt Stadium Violence
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  • Ramez Magdy

    Egypt is in a deep crisis. We need a complete regime change on all
    levels. As long as these oldschool blood sucking leeches who are money
    hungry and corrupt run this country, we will always be stuck in the 19th
    century. This isn’t about football, this is about the entire nation.
    until we fulfil and complete the revolution of jan 25, we won’t advance
    as a nation. Je suis Shaimaa, Khaled Said and Ahlawy and Zamalkawy

    • Minymina

      Fuck off.

  • M

    Screw everyone and anyone arguing that they died because of the stampede. Yes, a stampede will inevitably happen when you trap a huge number of people in a small area and shoot tear gas into the crowd. Have some intelligence for god’s sake. These are lives of people we are talking about here, over 30 lives wasted for no reason whatsoever. Soccer fans are ‘rowdy’ everywhere in the world, they push and shove in any country – they don’t get barricaded, tear gassed, shot at and left to suffocate while the match goes on as if fans aren’t dying outside.

    • FairSight

      Ok it may not be a stampede, but in any country in the world police is respected and there are lines that no citizens should cross if u look at the video these people forced themselves over the police blocakge and passed by force, how else can they gain control and stop them?!

    • Minymina

      They didn’t trap anyone in a cage. People were meant to form an orderly line and go through it but they resulted to violence and pushing after being denied entry.

  • SG

    Are you allowed to post that picture at the top? I thought the list of casualties has to be released publicly by the government before you post this?

  • inthesky

    It seems they died from stampede and suffocation from the tear gas so stop making it seem as if they were murdered. They had no right to enter if they had no tickets. They came for trouble if they showed up with metal rods and sticks.

  • pickypicky

    Very sad how cheap are egyptians lifes to this shitty government. Police are allow to kill anyone! they still believe they’re the kings of the country…a culture i still not understand and i will not. Sadly it comes and goes……God bless all victims and its families so sad to see what’s around us.

    • Egypt/Canada/USA

      Egyptian government eh ya ro7 omak? They were killed in a stampede, how is this the government’s fault that people show up without paying for a game and start fights?

      • RighTSight

        Why do u have to be vulgar in your attitude of discussing, he may have a different point of view if u want to argue you may argue in a polite manner.

        • Minymina

          It’s an idiotic comment to an article that clearly stated the event.
          @Egypt/Canada/USA was right to respond as he did.

      • anonymous

        and even if they showed without a ticket does give them the right put the fans in something like a valley and suddenly without early notice fire tear gas at hundreds in a small corridor and don’t expect that there will be pushing and running and people falling and people stepping on them fearing the gas and expect 28 deaths !!!

      • Ramez Magdy

        this was made before from the fascist regime of tantawy’s scaf and now sisi is repeating it. i hope one of your family’s member get killed next by cc’s police or army, so you understand, dickhead

        • Egypt/Canada/USA

          Ha…I would expect no less from a piece of shit scumbag with that fucking terrorist Erdogan in his profile picture….stay the hell out of Egypt’s business and keep airing the Brotherhood TV channels in your country you fucking terrorists

        • Minymina

          I’m sorry but did you not read the article?

          • Ramez Magdy

            yes, i read it… the fascist regime police killed young people because they had no tickets. They paid with their lives.

          • Minymina

            People show up wanting to get in for free, when denied entry, they resulted to violence which was dispersed by security forces using tear gas. Hence resulting in a stampede that killed 19. Yet somehow, people are claiming that the government is at fault. WTF?

        • Egyptian living abroad

          There is a special place in he’ll for you you sick sick person. Are you really wishing death on someone’s family members? That’s beyond disgusting, the world is horrible enough as it is don’t make it any worse than it already is.

      • anonnn

        Lem nafsak shwaya ya kosomak


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