Three Young Muslims Killed ‘Execution Style’ In The USA

Three Young Muslims Killed ‘Execution Style’ In The USA

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Three young Muslims have been shot in the head and killed on Tuesday evening in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Newly wed couple Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, Yusor Mohammad, 21, and Yusor’s sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, were pronounced dead at the scene after being shot ‘execution style’ by 46-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks, reported WRAL.

The shooting, which occurred at a condominium complex in Chapel Hill, has shocked the Muslim community, with authorities stating there is no motive that has been established for the shooting.

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Shortly after they were shot dead, Hicks, who on his Facebook profile identifies as an Atheist and as ‘anti-religious’, handed himself over to local authorities and is currently being held in a county jail.

According to family friends, Deah and Yusor were married just four weeks ago. Deah, the Independent reported, was a dental student at the University of North Carolina and had volunteered with a charity that provides emergency dental care to children in Palestine.

Razan, Yusor’s younger sister, ran a blog showcasing art and photography. The 19-year-old had started her university education at North Carolina State University in August 2014.

Craig Stephen Hicks turned himself.
Craig Stephen Hicks turned himself.

A Facebook page was set up in memory of the three young victims shortly after the killings.

“Please rely on each other and remember these beautiful souls in your happy thoughts. Their faith meant a lot to them, and it is in fact what helps us all feel at peace with the tragedy of their murder,” said a statement.

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  • Mihir Thakkar

    Islam is a satanic cult of terrorism an dies followers are being punished for following the satanic cult

  • QuiCreva

    Yes, this was a vicious, senseless crime, and the perpetrator will certainly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am curious about all of the outpourings of grief and outrage by Muslim commentators, though. Tell me, where is that sorrow and righteous wrath when your fellow Muslims murder non-Muslims by the thousands around the world? When they behead Christian schoolgirls in Bangladesh or Pakistan, set Hindus on fire in India, fly planes into buidlings in America, kill little kids in Beslan, abduct and murder tourists and journalists in North Africa? When they force conversions throughout the Muslim world, commit genocide against Yazidis or Assyrian Christians or Armenians? When they invoke blasphemy laws in Pakistan to rob minorities of their property? When they rape and otherwise abuse non-Muslim guest workers in the Gulf States? Why is it that Muslim moral indignation is only aroused in the rare cases when Muslims are the victims of non-Muslims? Just curious. Muslims are far more likely to be the perpetrators of these vicious acts than they are to be the victims of non-Muslim violence. Why the double standards?

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  • Crowbar

    No, execution here. Execution style is when you tie their hands behind their backs, have them kneel in front of a laughing gunman, then have some masked hoodlum point a finger to the sky and drone on at great length in arabic until, on cue, the gunmen put a bullet in the back of their heads to the approving cheers of the muslim crowd. A sharp knife is optional. That seems to be the fashion in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Chechnya, N. Africa, W. Africa, E. Africa, etc, etc. Muslim areas, by the way. Coincidence? I think not. This is a crime of passion. A tragic street killing. If religion is involved at all it is the unfathomable sense of entitlement muslim immigrants have in someone else’s country to make things just like the hellhole they left behind. Americans don’t work that way. It seems they angered this lunatic beyond his limited self control and he will pay for that. Sad, but end of story. This is not some kind of genocide. Not yet, but keep pushing…

    A muslim victim does not automatically make it a hate crime, if that is what was in his heart, so be it. I will point out that what is an exception in the West is standard fare in Islam. Infidels? They deserve to die but don’t dare denigrate Islam and don’t touch a muslim. Why? Because they are superior. Why? Because they are muslim, of course! What a joke. Adherents to an institutionalized barbarism that contribute little to civilization. What do you make? What can you do? You can’t even feed yourselves. That’s right, without the infidel grain about 90% of Egyptians would starve to death. And they aren’t alone. A vast mass of warring clans that only like killing infidels when not killing each other.

    Whatever the case, you muslims are working very hard the world over to make yourselves persona non grata. Demand that everybody be like you then whine and cry because they don’t tolerate your intolerance of their country, their customs or their religion. Until you get some power, of course, then you just kill the uncooperative people. What’s not to like? All of it. Go away. When you decide to join the community of nations in a respectful way, maybe we’ll listen. For now? Get lost. If, indeed, there are peaceful muslims out there like I once thought, now is the time to get the bad seed under control. I am not holding my breath for that. I am now coming to understand that “peace” in your small, little minds can only be attained when everybody, everywhere is muslim and under sharia law. Try as you might, this will not happen. I have grown dubious of ever seeing “peaceful” muslims. Passive, yes, in the face of all manner of atrocity. The very, very few that condemn the bad are immediately hunted down and killed if they are too slow to flee to the West. Not once in any of the muslim thrill-kill videos that I have had the “pleasure” of seeing – the shootings, beheadings, bayonetings, crucifixions, burnings, hangings, run-overs, crushings, thrown-from-buildings, etc, etc, etc (they are creative, I give them that) – I have seen nothing but cheering, leering, jubilant crowds. What? No tears for them? Are they less worthy than those very, very few killed by stupid criminal infidels? Muslims have no value to muslims. Why should anyone else value them? Islam is dysfunctional and it’s not our fault for calling attention to it. Prove it to the world. Fix it. Until then, just go away and quit your whining. It grows tedious.

    • Abdul Basit Khakwany

      Quran teaches us to live in peace with peaceful non-Muslims. Exact words are: “Those who warred not against you on account of religion and drove you not out from your homes, Allah forbids you not that ye should show them kindness and deal justly with them. Lo! Allah loves the just dealers.” Quran chapter 60; verse 8)

      • Crowbar

        I am certain there are 21 Egyptian Copts that are feeling the love right now and wondering what happened to Ch 60, verse 8 and just exactly who learned what from the Quran. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure the Quran says this or that. I am also sure that it makes no difference in what the rest of the world sees every day. It has got to stop. You people need to get control of your co-religionists.

      • Abdul Basit Khakwany

        At other place Quran exhorts Muslims to declare to non Muslims that for them is their religion and for Muslims is Muslims’ religion – that is – peaceful co-existence. (chapter 109; verse 6) It does not make any sense to convert any non-Muslim by force because that will not be rewarding for the converted and the convertor by force. A true Muslim is one who embraces Islam of his own free will. Quran clearly says: “There is no compulsion in religion.” (chapter 2; verse 256)

  • Dave StrongArm

    Before everyone lumps everyone that is “anti-religion” or “atheist” into the same category, remember…People of all walks of life, all ancestry, all denominations, all social classes, both genders, are capable of something like this. People here in the U.S. (capable of higher brain function) don’t lump all Muslims together just because a few are blinded with murderous hatred, and a monstrous resolve. I don’t hold Christians responsible for the crusades of their ancestors. Nor do I hold today’s Germans accountable for what Hitler did. Please remember just because a person likes or believes in a thing, does not mean that everyone else who does feels the same.

    • Crowbar

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the crusades were a response to bloody muslim expansionism that, at its greatest extent, had N Africa, most of Spain and the Balkans and a goodly chunk of France, not to mention the entire M.E. under its thumb. Much like ISIS is doing as we speak. They went to try and rescue Christians and Christendom in the Holy Lands. I suspect the aforementioned Copts would have been quite happy to see some Crusaders riding to their rescue, as would I. Don’t fall for the standard muslim PC fairy tale that the Crusades were some sort of crime against humanity. With ISIS in mind, one might consider it one of humanity’s finest hours. A fine, but failed effort. Sadly, Islam easily survived that pinprick. Always remember, they screech loudest when their intolerance of all things non-muslim is called out.

      You’re wrong about higher functioning Americans. I have a dr in front of my name. IQ north of 150. The truly higher functioners can see through the crap, including what comes from our own government. Ah, the Everybody’s Capable Defense. I suppose you’re right to mention that in light of that barbaric raid by Mormons that put to the sword that whole town in Kansas last year… Never happened, of course, and never does in the West. Murder, banditry, thievery, etc, of course. Just like what happened in NC. Mankind will likely never be rid of that curse. What we are witnessing is war. Nasty and brutish on a good day but particularly so in this particularly nasty and brutish muslim form of religious war. No greater an oxymoron exists. Yeah, the Religion of Peace. That idea, that phrase is being peddled – aggressively – but I’m not buying. Don’t you. Our largely tolerant way of life was never designed to be a cultural suicide pact.

      After decades of watching this play out, I have come to the conclusion there are no peaceful (critical distinction here – as WE define it) muslims, only jihadists, violent and non-, their active supporters, their tacit supporters and the rest who passively watch the others to see which faction wins. Perfidy is a Quranic mandate so you’ll never know who is who. No mention of reform and the stupidity continues ad infinitum. Muslim “peace” comes when muslim vs muslim vs the West merely turns into muslim vs muslim. The West is just considered a speed bump on the road to muslim world “peace”. Take the long view. They are.

  • Adam

    this american man looks like serial killer. i am sure he might have killed other people before .

  • Egyptiontruthfighter

    Bass you are a bad face . With no understand. This assthisist guy is a killer for the hate. he lika make the killin we having to make peace for za God.

  • Ernessta Subandi

    When several employees at Charlie Hebdo died by gun shot, people, MEDIA in this world get angry, react very fast and blame Muslims as terrorist.

    But when muslim students died by gun shot, no breaking news, no reaction, no one blame that WHITE MAN who kill those 3 muslim students as TERRORIST.

    Are we live in double standard ? Where is your human side people??
    Just because they are muslim, so it’s OK they are died???

    And you keep silent ? LOl, Dont talk to me about humanity, terrorism, fair in justice if you still have ‘bias’ perception !

    • Hippo

      Welcome to being Black. Enjoy your stay with us!

    • MartinAlaskan

      Craig Hicks was a pissed-off nut with a gun, not a terrorist: he didn’t receive any foreign training, he didn’t get radicalized in prison, he wasn’t shouting about avenging the prophet after shooting them in the head.

      After reading about Hicks being furious with these Muslims and everyone else who parked in his parking place, after reading about how he’d bang on their door angry, with a pistol on his hip telling them not to park in his spot, I’d have thought these intelligent Muslims, and everyone else, would be smart enough not to park in his spot. Ignoring a neighbors demand to stay out of his parking place is a stupid thing to die for, but Hicks pulled the trigger and he’ll rot in jail the rest of his life. None of this would have happened if his words, his threats, and his gun were taken seriously. They should have stayed out of his damn spot, I know I would have, though I’d never take anther tenant’s spot in the first place.

      This triple murder isn’t any more of a Hate Crime than the hundreds of white people killed every year by blacks. It’s “just” murder, and that’s bad enough.

      • Abdul Basit Khakwany

        Well put, Martin Alaskin.

      • george

        The sad thing is that nobody was in the spot he called his and nobody owns parking spots in that complex.

    • TreB

      So interesting… When Several employees from Charlie Hebdo publish cartoons the whole Muslim world goes crazy and vows revenge. But when Isis Beheads a Jordanian Muslim Pilot the Muslim Community doesn’t even lift a finger against them (of course only the Jordanian People did).
      I repeat your questions. “Just because they are Muslim, so its OK they are dead???? And you keep silent……”
      Yes…. the unfortunate on going problem with the Muslim’s. Fight for a cartoon yet run from real terrorists…..

    • george

      The incident in North Carolina has been covered 24-7 since it happened. If you lived here you would know that.
      So don’t assume we don’t think it’s disgusting and atrocious

  • Maysoon Barcena

    Just one thing for me to say, I watch CNN everyday in my work, in USA, why da hell no news about this in TV, why on earth this country is so racist that nothing about these Muslims on TV, F*** this, am so pissed, isn’t enough the bad news they put to make Arabs looks bad, and the false news, but not putting news like that on TV, too damn much

    • Bruin08

      This was/is all over CNN.

  • FZ

    May he never see the light of day again… For God’s sake, why would this happen…. لا حول ولا قوة الى بالله….

    • NotJustMyself

      God has nothing to do with it. God has nothing to do with any of the evil going around the world (or the good). Its all people with different attitudes.

  • Carlos Danger

    I am so sorry for those three young people and their families. They will receive justice. This cretin will be in jail the rest of his life. I don’t think North Carolina has the death penalty, or he would be in line.

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  • Jennifer Ayesha Elsify

    They were probably killed because they are Muslim. The situation is getting very hard for Muslims here lately. I think it’s worse now than it was right after 9/11.

    • rdlee

      There’s not a lot of information available, but it appears the murders were the result of a dispute over parking.

      • fouad

        you don’t kill three people execution style for a parking spot

        • rdlee

          Is there ever a reason to kill three people execution style?

          • Alfsito

            For many people, there is. But for a parking spot doesnt sound very realistic.

        • NotJustMyself

          People are killed execution style for less all over the US, daily. Many of them are Muslim. They just happen to be black. And often killed by other black Muslims.

          The guy was a nut who lost it because these people parked in his parking spot. He’s on record as acting enraged over this, both against these people and others (not muslim) in the past.

  • WTF !!! World sucks!!

  • Randa Ibrahim ELsayed

    God will ask the victims why you were killed? They will don’t have answer … and God will ask the murder why you killed them? He will not have answer…. in the life if the judge ask the murder why you did that ? He will answer and said it is just devil! !!!!!!!

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  • Abdul Basit Khakwany

    The wanton killer has neither this world nor the hereafter and on him is God’s curse and anger and hell is his eternal prison. The killed ones are martyrs and for them is a happy abode of Paradise where
    they will live for ever.

    • asilad

      Sympathies to the killed and their families. Clearly this psycho cracked after seeing all the atrocities going on around the world due to your fucked up faith.

      • Abdul Basit Khakwany

        Islam is being attacked from all sides including the ill-advised so called Muslims. The Prophet of Islam has been wished by the keepers of the conscience of the people of the West (Bernard Shaw, Michael H Hart, P Kennedy, Thomas Carlyle, Denison and many others) to come as the DICTATOR OF THE WHOLE WORLD as he will give the world peace and happiness.

        • NotJustMyself

          Abdul, you’re putting your opinion of what Islam must be against that of the imams in ISIS. If its eventually opinion vs. opinion, and you insist that your opinion/interpretation is superior to theirs without any real backing of it, you’re no different than they. After all, they can spout as much Koran (or more) than you.

          It doesn’t matter if Mohammed was good guy or not. He isn’t here to tell you and ISIS whose interpretation is right.

          Behaving like decent human beings shouldnt depend on being a “real muslim”. That’s just stupid.

          • Abdul Basit Khakwany

            Gentleman, I have indicated the example of our Prophet (SAWS) and not my own opinion. If he is welcome by European intellectuals as the dictator of the whole world who would give them peace and happiness and rank him the greatest man of history, then let the ISIS work according to the examples of the Prophet so that they are also welcome as the harbingers of peace and happiness. After all our dear Prophet has been called in Quran as the mercy for the worlds.

          • Crowbar

            Yeah, that may be, but in the US we don’t welcome European intellectuals or their silly notions and I sincerely doubt ISIS can be reasonably considered “harbingers of peace and happiness” by anyone who is not clinically insane or completely blinded by their own religious bigotry.

      • zenzen

        2 wrongs doesn’t make a right asilad 🙁

    • anon_64

      God may perhaps forgive him, but if he is convicted of the crimes he is accused of, 10-15 years of prison then death by lethal injection is the most likely conviction.

  • Bass

    You should be ashamed of yourself. These poor innocent victims were killed for no reason and their families are suffering. Instead of putting out an accurate story,you are relying on facebook for your information. Really really shameful that you would take advantage of this tragedy and the fears that people have to create some sort of publicity for this media outlet of yours.


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