Egypt Reserves The Right To Respond To Libya killings

Egypt Reserves The Right To Respond To Libya killings



President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in a televised address that “Egypt reserves the right to respond in the method and timing it deems suitable for retribution from these killers,” after Libya beheadings’ video.

Sisi’s statement comes in response to the video which surfaced late Sunday showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Copts who were abducted in Libya weeks ago.

Shortly after the video, Sisi called for an urgent meeting of the National Defence Council. He declared a week of mourning over the victims and expressed condolences to their families.

The 21 Coptics

The video was titled “a message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.”

The 21 Coptic Egyptians were abducted in the Libyan city of Sirte on two separate occasions in December and January, only one week apart.

The spokesman of Egypt’s Orthodox Church, Boulos Halim described the video as “painful” and confirmed the identities of the abductees.

In the video, the speaker delivers a message after which the abductees, who were kneeling, were forced to lie down and had their throats slit simultaneously.

After the beheadings, the speaker says the killings were “were in revenge for Camilia and her sisters.”

Camilia Shehata is an Egyptian woman who was at the centre of controversy back in 2010 after her disappearance following news that she converted from Christianity to Islam. A group of Egypt’s conservative Muslims believe that she was eventually forced back into Christianity.

The video footage is consistent with images that had been released on social media on Thursday, showing the kidnapped Egyptians in orange jumpsuits with the sea in the backdrop.

Egypt's Military Strikes ISIS In Libya
Egypt Declares Week Of Mourning After Libya Beheadings

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  • amanirayan

    As much as I despise ISIS and their actions, abhorant behaviour as the animals that they are, Sisi is no better. Egypt has lost it’s own moral high ground after caging women in a mass trial like they were dogs too. What makes Egypt any better. You elected Sisi and this is how you treat women? GO and bury your heads in the sand of Sinai.

    • SIsi is everything what stopped Egypt from getting into hands of those evil brain washed people who just murdered those Christians. Recall how they were burning churches in Egypt and kidnapping Christians on every day basis. By now women would be stoned to death in Egypt if this medness financed by USA would not be stopped by egyptian military with support of egyptian population. Pray to God for Sisi and strong independent Egypt you have now

  • reidh

    They don’t have to say this. As a matter of fact, that they say it implies to me they aren’t going to do anything. Why warn your enemy you are coming?

  • American Born Patriot

    ISIS weak cowards. May God help us fight and abolish ISIS.

    • Jarhead6541

      If there were a god, his/her message would’ve been clear. As is, imagination is fueling the worlds chaos. In order for peace to reign, false gods must be vanquished in their entirety.

  • Sanju Varghese

    was it written Christian on their blood or human on the 21 innocent lives “God show mercy let Saudi Arabia be burned the Land of Hate which perpetuated intolerance and violence to their own people and poverty strike you since Christian are children of God ,

  • Egyptian Canadian

    21 true martyrs who died only because of who they were. They didn’t do anything to anyone, they just happened to be Christians. R.I.P.

    These scum of the earth savage barbarian creatures of ISIS are the lowest. These people deserve to be massacred and tortured to death slowly, but there is nothing we can do to them that will come near the suffering they will get from the depths of hell in which their despicable souls will be for eternity.

  • Hurrya

    Libya is a stateless country where ISIS dominates and Egypt should act to contain the chaos. Time is of the essence and the longer Egypt waits the stronger and more entrenched ISIS will get. Libya was an artificial U.N. construct in 1951, its disintegration is destabilizing the whole region from Nigeria to Egypt. Half of Libya used to be Egyptian territory that was ceded to the Italians in 1919 and 1926 and should be reclaimed. Algeria, Sudan, Niger and Chad also ceded territory to the Italians ( ) .

  • All mysteries seem to be quite even
    The same also happened on 9/eleven
    Planes by remote control appeared to crash from heaven
    But Dov Zackheim missed one of the 3 with building Seven

    To all those who work for the media. In hope to find the courage to change ……

    As all real journalists must know the ties and connection between ISIS and sen. John Mc Cain they should pull the cover off this masquerade. They know of the picture taken by sen. Mc Cain with Al Baghdadi, the chief of ISIS. This picture was even denunciated by sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky during his interview on September 16 2014. By feeding into the propaganda of ISIS you are also selling out the future of your children and that of all the next generations. The Beast is no abstract figure or the final coming of past prophecies. His name: George H. Bush, father of George W. Bush. First and only CIA director to also become US president. The coup d’état in the US silently happened on November 22 1963 with the JFK assassination. Since then the Beast worked by proxy starting with president Lynden Johnson who was also an oil man from Texas and friend of George H. Bush. Force and Violence will never succeed against the Beast that thrives on terror, wars and protests and is the ultimate master of Deception. Instead do all you can to make people aware of this selling out from the media and switch sides if you are part of the Beast entourage. The “yes, sir” of Humanity have sold their souls and betrayed the rest of the people for a bunch of silver. But why continuing to play the Monopoly game after someone has already stolen all the money?

    Watch how Jeb Bush gets elected.

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