Sisi approves election law in step towards parliamentary vote

Sisi approves election law in step towards parliamentary vote

When established, Egypt's next parliament will be the country's first since 2012
When established, Egypt’s next parliament will be the country’s first since 2012

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has signed an amended law defining voting districts, making way for the country’s highly anticipated parliamentary elections. This is the final stage in a political roadmap announced by the military in July 2013.

When this does take place, it will be Egypt’s first legislature since 2012, when the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament was dissolved in 2013 following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi.

An earlier version of the law was delayed after being declared unconstitutional by Egypt’s Supreme Court, as it failed to guarantee equal representation for voters.

Some political groups and human rights organisations have criticised the new law, arguing that it has been driven by security concerns and prevents Egypt’s emerging political groups from competing via smaller districts.

According to Alaa Youssef, a spokesman for the Presidency, the amended law divides Egypt into 205 districts for individual candidates and four districts for party lists.

The lower chamber will also now have over 560 elected lawmakers, and only 20 percent will be voted in on the basis of a party list system.

According to Egypt Independent, one of the law’s critics is Khaled Dawoud, a spokesman for the liberal party al-Dustour, who says that the law will produce a legislature similar to ones under Egypt’s ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

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  • bobthebuilder Robert

    As a decendant of Khufu’s line I think it is a grand time 4 Egypt. Its good to see a demokracee emerging again after 4100 years. Now things might go back to the way they were originallee intended. demokracee began in egipt, not in greese as mannee believe. Also, if things progress in a reasonable manner it would be good to see the O’limpic games restored to its rightfull place, rather than the propaganda of greese that has prevailed 4 the last 100solar years or so. The flags do seem to be a problem from Khufoos point of view, The Aswan region should have a black and white swon. Egypt itself should probable have a lion. And the o’limpic flag should be skyblue with 4 new coloured rings orange,white,purple,brown. with a pink oval ring around all of them and then a lime green oval ring around that. With reguards to the Falcon currentlee on the flag, this probablee belongs in the Sudan region. I have an accurate familee tree back to about 1400BC prior to this date becomes a bit muddeled. Either way Votes by all is better than a Dictator or Monarchist style of government. Hope all are well in Egypt, try and get those water hydrogen lotus engines running, if I return to Egypt on holiday at anee given point, it would be nice to drive around in a clean green environmentalee orientated vehicle to vist some ancient sites and explore in more detail what I started to do in oct2001.
    A P O’K/Ocaoimh

  • Dr. Hashem

    yes now the world running away fomr the truth.

    the SISI makes obama understand what it means
    man president.

    he showing the people how he is powered

  • Minymina

    Why the f**k are human right groups involving themselves in this? Whether or not the law makes it difficult for parties to compete with one another, has nothing to do with human rights.

  • Minymina

    When this does take place, it will be Egypt’s first legislature since 2012, when the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament was dissolved in 2013 following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi.

    Not true, the last parliament was dissolved because they were deemed to be unconstitutional.


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