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There’s More to the Lebanese ‘YouStink’ Protests than Garbage

September 3, 2015

Reporting by Manar Heikal, Lebanese Streets Protests spark in the streets of Beirut over increasingly piled up garbage as a result of the government’s mismanagement of getting rid of the wastes. The view of the garbage containers overflowed in the streets of Beirut became normalized to the extent that people started throwing their trash in plastic bags next to the bins. The plastic bags built growing mountains of garbage that eventually turned into a tragic and unfamiliar scene. The contract signed with the garbage collecting company Sukleen has recently ended and the government did not assign any other company to take up the task. On the other hand, the city of Naameh has been suffering from the garbage management crisis as it hosts the main landfill that holds waste from both Beirut and Mount Lebanon. While the government promised Naameh’s residents of building a bigger and newer site, it failed in doing so and exceeded the promised deadline of July 17. The landfill was originally structured to hold up to two million tons of garbage yet now it holds 15 million tons. This has lead to the residents’ suffrage of…

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