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9 Ways to Enjoy Egypt’s Siwa Oasis

January 24, 2016

Photos by Bassma Khaled and Marwa Abdallah Isolated in the heart of Egypt’s Western Desert, away from urbanization, Siwa Oasis lies 50 km east of the Libyan borders. Within this little paradise – which remains out of sight except for those who intentionally seek it – a distinctive culture has been preserved, offering its visitors a rich experience unique to the oasis. Considered the easternmost extension to the Berber descendants (the original inhabitants of North Africa), tribes of the oasis have managed to retain their Siwi language, in addition to much of the Amazigh culture. However, besides the cultural richness, Siwa also stands out for the magnificence of its nature and topography. Commonly, it is advised to visit the oasis during the winter months. If you plan to head to Siwa anytime soon, here are a few suggestions for places to visit and activities to immerse yourself in. 1. Rent a Bike for Transportation If you live in one of Egypt’s big cities, chances are that cycling has always been a thing of holidays and safe gated communities away from crazy traffic. However, in Siwa, you get anywhere on a bicycle. Not only is it safe,…

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