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70-Year-Old Egyptian Goes Back to Middle School to Support Her Family After Her Husband Died

January 31, 2016

After her husband died, 70-year-old Ezz Abdallah felt that the only way she could support her family would be to go back to school. However, while many adults restart their education at some point throughout their lives, Ezz went back to obtain a middle school diploma that she had never completed. “How did you go in your test today?” asks television show host Mona El Shazly. “I answered everything,” says Ezz proudly. “English is the most difficult subject.” When asked why she decided to return to secondary education, Ezz reveals that her monthly stipend of EGP 79 ($US 10) was simply not enough to support her family. “I wanted to be educated so I could earn more,” says Ezz, adding that since her husband passed away it had become difficult to support her family. “I couldn’t find anyone to teach me…until I found Umm Ahmed [a teacher]…and others…who used to spend hours everyday to help me study,” continues Ezz. “Don’t you get bored?” asks El-Shazly. “One who learns doesn’t get bored,” answers Ezz. “Education is important,” continues Ezz, saying that a lack of education results in many obstacles in Egypt….

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