The Best Places to Live in Cairo for Access to Private Education

The Best Places to Live in Cairo for Access to Private Education

October Plaza

Picking a school for your child is one of the more important decisions you can make for them. Many people ask what is the “best school”? That isn’t what you should be asking yourself. The “best school” differs depending on what you value as parent and how you want your children to be educated. The criteria for picking a school differs from one family to another. Some people prefer the British schooling system, while others prefer the German schooling system. Some people look at the academics while others look at sports and extracurricular activities. But many people neglect the the importance of location.

Photo from the International School of Choueifat

Cairo is infamous for its traffic jams and as the population grows, one can only expect the traffic problems to increase. It is nearly impossible to live in 6th of October and have your children commute to New Cairo for school every day. The round trip will definitely exceed three hours every day. The average school provides students with 180 days of education each year. This means that if you opt for this commute for your children, they will spend are 22.5 days in the car commuting to their school. If you multiply that by the 12 years of education that comes out to be 270 days. Time spent on the road isn’t just wasted time; with bad driving driving habits and lax traffic laws, it is also a dangerous time.

In this article, Cooing, your luxury real estate broker, will explore options in New Cairo and 6th of October City where you can buy new sale properties that are strategically located near top private schools. The reason we picked new sale properties is we understand that tuition at international schools has skyrocketed and buying new sale properties allows for relaxed payment terms.

New Cairo Compounds


Compound Name: Palm Hills New Cairo

Developer: Palm Hills
Unit Types: Apartments
Average Price per meter: 12,000-13,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 7 years

Short Description: Palm Hills New Cairo is a new mixed-use community providing balance and diversity of housing types, natural backdrops, commercial services and recreational amenities for its residents and nearby visitors.


Compound Name: Lake View Residence

Developer: El Hazek Group

Unit Types: Apartments, Penthouses

Average Price per meter: 16,000-17,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 7 years

Short Description: Lake View Residence’s location is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, close to many international schools and universities who have moved their campuses, seeking a better environment for students, hospitals, clinics, malls, clubs, etc.


Compound Name: Sarai

Developer: Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD)

Unit Types: Apartments, Villas

Average Price per meter: 9,000-12,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 7 years

Short Description: Located directly on the Cairo-Suez road, Sarai offers a perfect mix of urban to suburban exposure with a wide variety of spaces and units ranging from apartments to villas set amidst a sprawling lush green landscape.


Compound Name: Hyde Park

Developer: Hyde Park

Unit Types: Apartments, Townhouses, Villas

Average Price per meter: 15,000-17,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 5 years

Short Description: Spanning over 6 million square meters, Hyde Park is set to become one of the largest master-planned builds in New Cairo.


Compound Name: Mivida

Developer: Emaar Misr

Unit Types: Apartments, Twin houses, Townhouses, Villas

Average Price per meter: 16,000-30,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 6 years

Short Description: Mivida is a fully integrated community hosting a spectrum of amenities including international educational and healthcare facilities, a business park, hotel and a bustling town center with boulevard style shopping, all just minutes away from the American University in New Cairo.


6th of October City Compounds


Compound Name: New Giza

Developer: New Giza

Unit Types: Studios, Apartments, Duplexes, Townhouses, Villas,

Average Price per meter: 12,000-18,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 6 years

Short Description: New Giza is one of the largest integrated upscale developments in Egypt, spanning over 1,500 acres (6.3 million square meters).


Compound Name: October Plaza

Developer: SODIC

Unit Types: Apartments, Penthouses

Average Price per meter: 12,000- 15,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 7 years

Short Description:  October Plaza offers an exclusive neighborhood that is characterized by its contemporary architecture and dynamic designs, providing elegant buildings in a warm and cozy setting.


Compound Name: One 16

Developer: SODIC

Unit Types: Apartments, Duplexes, Penthouses

Average Price per meter: 20,000-24,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 7 years

Short Description: Designed with a focuson privacy and tranquility, this strategically positioned development does not compromise on urban convenience.


Compound Name: El Patio 6 October

Developer: La Vista Developments

Unit Types: Twin houses, Villas

Average Price per meter: 10,000-12,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 2.5 years

Short Description: El Patio 6 is 35 acres of intelligently designed living space in 6th of October City. Lush landscaping, swimming pools, and extreme privacy give residents the peace of mind of a high quality lifestyle.


Compound Name: Pyramid Hills

Developer: Pyramid Hills

Unit Types: Apartments, Penthouses, Twin houses, Townhouses

Average Price per meter: 12,000-16,000 EGP

Payment Terms: Up to 6 years

Short Description: Intelligent use of landscape, picturesque homes and abundant amenities invariably set Pyramid Hills apart from other compounds.

Of course if you are looking for a resale property, the options are endless. Cooing’s sales team is waiting to help you find your new home.

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