Egypt SJC Rejects Bill Giving the President Right to Appoint Judicial Posts

Egypt SJC Rejects Bill Giving the President Right to Appoint Judicial Posts

Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) rejected a bill, with the consensus of its seven members, that would give the Egyptian president the power to appoint the heads of Egypt’s judiciary committees.

The Egyptian State Council has previously rejected the same bill. Nonetheless, the House of Representatives will proceed with the bill’s discussion. Moreover, the decision of (SJC) is not binding the parliament.

The currently adopted law of judicial authority stipulates that head of judiciary committees are appointed according to seniority.

The Parliament’s Legislative and Constitutional Committee drafted the bill and submitted it to be reviewed in December. The bill states that the president has the right to choose one candidate out of three, nominated by each council.

Member of SJC Adel Al-Shorbagy said that the council is committed to the current selection system. He further added that SJC will send an official note to the parliament to inform them of their decision.

In December, the Judges club considered the bill as a violation to the Egyptian judicial system for ignoring the seniority among judges.

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