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19 Podcasts on Egypt’s Society, Culture and History

19 Podcasts on Egypt’s Society, Culture and History

 Photo Credit: Hazem Khaled

Podcasts have become an indispensable part of many people’s daily lives in the past few years. Putting in/on your headphones and absorbing yourself in a conversation about your favorite topic can be a great way to make your daily commute or chores a little bit easier to bear. Not only that, they can also be useful for learning about and exploring new ideas and topics you never thought you’d be interested in.

The team at Egyptian Streets decided to put together a short list of podcast episodes dealing with our favorite topic (yes, you guessed it) – Egypt, its people, culture, politics, society and history.


My Mother’s Country, Mother of the World (2016)

Kerning Cultures

Features a discussion about Egypt’s ‘brain drain,’ Egyptian emigration and the struggle of staying in a country that can be very difficult to live in. Listen here.

New Activism in Egyptian Politics, with Amr Hamzawy (2017)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Discusses new forms of activism emerging in post-revolutionary Egypt and the pressures President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is facing. Listen here.

Egypt’s Female Superhero ’Qahera’ (2013)


Features an interview with Deena Mohamed, creator of ‘Qahera’ – the Egyptian female hijabi super-heroine fighting Islamophobia and misogyny. Listen here.

A New History of Print in Ottoman Cairo (2016)

Ottoman History Podcast

Critically discusses the history of the printing press in nineteenth-century Egypt and how its introduction was part of an incremental expansion of already existing printing practices. Listen here.

A Tale of a Drum and a Song (2017)

Ehky Ya Masr

Narrates the story of a female mesaharaty in this male-dominated Egyptian profession. Listen here.

Literacies and the Emergence of Modern Egypt (2016)

Ottoman History Podcast

Hoda Yousef explores the debates and discourses surrounding reading and writing in the Arabic language in nineteenth century Egypt, focusing on how Egyptian elites sought to employ a politics of language to produce a particular kind of citizen. Listen here.

Jihadism in the Land of the Pharaohs (2015)


Militant extremism expert Mokhtar Awad discusses the state of jihadism in Egypt. Listen here.

Naguib Mahfouz and 20th Century Egyptian History (2017)

Humanities on Demand

Egyptian historian Khaled Fahmy gives a keynote talk about famed novelist and Nobel laurate Naguib Mahfouz and modern Egyptian history. Listen here.

Narratives of Slavery in Late Ottoman Egypt (2016)

Ottoman History Podcast

Professor Eve Troutt traces the history of the lives of slaves and slavery in late Ottoman Egypt. Listen here.

The Egyptian Start-Up Scene (2015)

Kerning Cultures

Features a discussion about whether there emerged a culture of entrepreneurship in Egypt following the 2011 events. Listen here.

Ecology and Empire in Ottoman Egypt

Ottoman History Podcast

Acclaimed historian Alan Mikhail explains the environmental and ecological history of the relationship between Egypt and the Ottoman empire. Listen here.

Egypt in a Time of Revolution (2017)

POMEPS Conversations

Middle East scholar Neil Ketchley speaks about his book Egypt in a Time of Revolution: Contentious Politics and the Arab Spring. Listen here.

Arab and Egyptian Workers Movements (2017)


Joel Beinin discusses his book Workers and Thieves: Labor Movements and Popular Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. Listen here.

The Muslim Brotherhood and America (2013)

Middle East Week

Talks about the relationship as it stood between the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Cairo and Washington in 2013, as well as the history of US relations with Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. Listen here.

Travel Egyptian Style (2013)


Features an interview with Menem Ragab, founder and CEO of AskNative, an Egyptian mobile application allowing users to share travel and cultural experiences with people around the globe. Listen here.

­Sufism in Medieval Egypt (2017)

New Books in Middle Eastern Studies

Features an interview with Nathan Hofer who talks about his book The Popularisation of Sufism in Ayyubid and Mamluk Egypt, 1173-1325. Listen here.

Fair Trade in Egypt (2012)


Features an interview with Usama Mohammed, CEO of Yadaweya, the very first web-based, fair-trade retail platform specializing in Egyptian handicrafts. Listen here.

Missionaries and the Making of the Muslim Brotherhood (2015)

Ottoman History Podcast

Explores the historical background to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and how the organization’s goals were shaped by the practices of European missionaries in Egypt at the time. Listen here.

Free Speech in Egypt (2012)

Free Speech Debate

Professor Khaled Fahmy discusses the state of media freedom and free speech in Egypt. Listen here.


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