Mawdoo3: The Largest Online Arabic Content Platform is One Click Away

Mawdoo3: The Largest Online Arabic Content Platform is One Click Away

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Looking at the industry dynamics of the Arabic content online, there has been a significant increase in the number of Arabic-speaking Internet users.

However, with 360 million Arabic speaking people, only 3 percent of the internet content is in Arabic. “We need to double the number 200 times to get the balance,” according to Mawdoo3 video.

Egyptian Streets spoke to the Founders of Mawdoo3.com Mohammed Jaber and Rami al-Qawasmi to walk us through the story of the largest online Arabic content platform.

Mawdoo3 provides a large number of high-quality Arabic articles, with more than 130,000 articles available for free to all Arabic readers around the globe. Mawdoo3, also, produces visual content with plenty of monthly videos covering different topics for Arabic users.

What makes Mawdoo3 unique?

Credibility and diversity stand at the core of our work to build a trusted platform. We produce our content guaranteeing that every topic is unique, well written, informative and referenced from trusted sources.

This process builds loyalty to our readers. They do not depend on indirect search engines to get their information, but they go directly to Mawdoo3.com and use the search engine on the website.

Also, we, at Mawdoo3, are very quick and fast in producing content for our readers. We add monthly content that equals the amount of 2 medium-sized books.

Tell us more about the background of the founding team

Mohammed Jaber and Rami al-Qawasmi are two young Jordanians who met at a volunteering work experience with Jordan Volunteer. Jaber is a medical school graduate, and al-Qawasmi is a businessman.

They only knew each other for 2 days when, one day in a cafe, Jaber told al-Qawasmi about the idea of enriching the Arabic content; al-Qawasmi surprisingly accepted the deal of being a part of it and mawdoo3.com just came to life.

When and how did you come up with Mawdoo3?

In 2010, Jaber and al-Qawasmi founded Mawdoo3 while they were still students. Only one year later, their startup Mawdoo3.com was the recipient of the first prize for the Queen Rania Business Plan Competition Award.

In 2012, Mawdoo3.com was officially launched and it hit one million unique visitors in 2013. From this point forward, a huge increase in our traffic and readers occurred till we became number one website in the region in 2016.

Why did you start Mawdoo3? 

There is a huge gap between the Arabic content available on the digital world and the huge number of Arabic readers online.

The content available online is limited; moreover, it is very weak, lacks trusted sources and is mostly generated from forums. This got us to take the lead and create Mawdoo3.com to fill the web with unique content with high quality

How many pageviews do you have per month? 

We received 186 million page views, with 42 million unique visitors in October 2017. Our most visited topics are health, cooking, nutrition and religious topics.

How do you see the Arabic content progressing in the coming years? 

Very promising! Especially with the initiatives that have been taken by a lot of Arab thought leaders, individuals and organizations. All of them are trying to fulfill the need of having credible Arabic content online covering different topics. We believe we need more of this, especially that the opportunity is available and a lot of people can succeed in this field.

What are the challenges you are still facing at Mawdoo3? 

The environment at mawdoo3 is very progressive and fastly growing, especially that mawdoo3 is providing very professional quality of work with limited time and resources.

Regardless of how challenging this is, we see it as an opportunity to create more space for content creation. We built our own social interactive application and we are taking more steps in investing in Artificial Intelligence field. We adopted this technology to develop the use of Arabic language in different aspects of life.

Is there any aggregated content or is it all originally created?

All our content is fully originated by our writers and all edited by our editorials and specialist team. We have around 300 freelancer part-time writers and 30 full-time editors. They all work together 24/7.

Are you considering other languages?

For now, no.

Where do you see yourself going from here?

We are still going to produce more content; we have a huge target each year for the written and visual content production. There are tons of topics that need to be covered.

Launching our own interactive, social app to the users are available right now to our readers. We await the outcome from our hard work and investment in the AI field

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Our Egyptian readers rank second on our top visitors’ list, so we want to thank them for their trust and loyalty and for making us, mawdoo3.com, their number one source to access credible and trusted information.

This is our responsibility, as individuals and as an organization, to continue creating unique online content available for everyone.

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Mostafa Amin is the co-founder of Egyptian Streets.

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