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Can Egypt Lead Africa to Establish a Free Trade Zone?

April 12, 2019
Source: century.co.ke

In the eighth part in an Egyptian Streets article series under the name of East-West Chitchat that aims to spark increased dialogue between Americans and Egyptians, Abdelrahman Amr and Michael Matthiesen explore Egypt’s role in establishing, the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA). Despite being an African, all my life I never identified as one. Growing up as an Egyptian and up until now, if asked about my ethnicity or race my mind automatically suggests Middle Eastern or Arab. This is the popular mindset Egyptians follow, in spite of having a leading role in the continent. In fact, Egypt’s flag carrier airline, EgyptAir, was recently mocked for a digital advertisement promoting flights from ‘Cairo to Africa’ overlooking Egypt’s location on the map. At the same time, there is a valuable opportunity to change the relation between North Africans, in general, and the rest of the continent, given that Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi was installed African Union chairman following the 32nd AU summit. Egyptians might be dealing differently with countries in the continent in the future if this turned out to be one of Sisi’s goals For now, we can’t be sure what…

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