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Italy Accuses Egypt of ‘Deliberately Misleading’ Giulio Regeni Murder Investigation

December 18, 2019

In an address to the first session of a parliamentary commission carrying out an inquiry into the degree to which Giulio Regeni was subjected to scrutiny by Egyptian security services, Italian prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco accused Egypt of obstruction of justice in his investigation into the death of the PhD student, BBC reports. “A web was spun by Egypt’s national security service from the October preceding his death, a web in which the apparatus used the people closest to Giulio in Cairo,” Colaiocco said during the hearing. He alleges that those closest to him, namely his roommate, a street vendors’ unionist, and a friend who assisted him with translation work, informed on him to the secret service, according to Italian News Agency ANSA. Colaiocco, together with prosecutor Michele Prestipino, has spearheaded the murder investigation in conjunction with Egyptian authorities. Colaiocco said that Egypt’s reported findings were later disproved during the course of his investigation. “Fake stories were fabricated to throw off the investigation,” he claimed. The prosecutor said that a postmortem examination carried out in Italy concluded that Regeni was tortured in stages between January 25th, 2016, the day he went…

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