Ta-che: The Great Outdoors Meet Comfort in Fayoum’s Newest Boutique Hotel

Ta-che: The Great Outdoors Meet Comfort in Fayoum’s Newest Boutique Hotel

Ta-che boutique hotel in Fayoum

Despite its ever flowing lakes, scenic waterfalls and biodiversity, Fayoum remains one of Egypt’s most underdeveloped tourist destinations.

Thanks to a new generation of travelers and Cairenes in dire need of weekend trips, Fayoum is going through a bit of a revival due to renewed interest in the city’s ancient charms.The latest in a series of initiatives aimed at unearthing all that Fayoum has to offer is Ta-che, a charming boutique hotel just outside the Tunis village.The hotel is named after Fayoum’s name in ancient times, Tashee, which is said to be a word of veneration to Ancient Egyptian crocodile god Sobek.

Founded by local entrepreneurs Omar Abu Gabal and Mohamed Aly Kamel, Ta-che combines Fayoum’s serene landscapes with the city’s modern conveniences, resulting in an intimate and luxurious staycation experience.Complete with a spacious pool and an unobstructed view of Fayoum’s expansive green spaces, Lake Qarun and its surrounding area, Ta-che’s elevated location ensures that all seven of its rooms have access to the city’s legendary scenery.


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Beat the cold and cosy up at our fire pit 🔥. For reservations contact +20 114 111 5500.

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One of the hotel’s best features is its outdoor fire pit and its accompanying seating area, which makes for an equally unique camping experience that is consistent with local culture and tradition.

Similarly, the hotel’s culinary concept is also based on Fayoum’s local cuisine, famed nationwide for its pastured and free-range poultry and squab. Ta-che’s kitchen offers a local take on mouthwatering Egyptian classics like Mulukhiyah and stuffed pigeons.


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In the mood for oriental food? Ta-che has got you covered🌾

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Most remarkably, however, Ta-che is one of Fayoum’s more affordable hotels, which, combined with city’s proximity to the capital (less than a two hour drive from Cairo), makes it the ultimate weekend getaway.

Photos courtesy of Omar Abu Gabal/Ta-che.

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