5 Egyptian Local Food Brands That Promote Healthy Eating

5 Egyptian Local Food Brands That Promote Healthy Eating

From left to right: Sara’s Organic Food produce range, Whole Slice Bakery’s vegan banana bread and Kaju’s beetroot burger.

Whether one has decided to explore vegetarianism, veganism or simply practicing having a more balanced diet, working on one’s overall health and well-being has become of significant importance both in recent years and in recent months. 

As more and more people around the world have been veering towards the fitness craze of recent years (from crossfit to yoga), exploring ways to balance one’s diet and eat in a more healthy way came along with it. 

According to The Vegan Society, “The number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019,” and these statistics are somewhat similar in various parts of the world – most especially Europe and the United Sates. 

In addition to this, recent months following the pandemic have also caused somewhat of a surge in people trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle in attempts to boost one’s immunity. 

While Egypt is known for its rich food culture, full of delicious ghee and fat-heavy dishes, there has been somewhat of a steady rise in local food brands that promote a more healthy or balanced diet. 

Below are a few examples of local food brands, some of which make use of the country’s already rich and fertile land and some of which are simply finding innovative ways to add some healthy ingredients in otherwise not-very-healthy foods. 

Sara’s Organic Food

Range of fresh produce from the ‘Sara’s Organic Food’ farm. Image sourced from official Facebook page.

Since 2011, Sara’s Organic Food has grown into one of the leading fresh produce supplier in the country. Founder Sara-K. Hannig Nour started farming with the intention of providing healthy and fresh pesticide-free produce. 

As a result, these produce (which include a wide range of herbs, fruits and vegetables) can be found in various supermarkets across the country. One can also shop for various products online through their website. 

Their website includes products such as freshly made jams and honey, in addition to the option of buying a Sara’s Organic Food box that can be delivered to your doorstep and includes a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

Be. Good to You

Quinoa Shrimp Mango Salad from Be. Good to You. Image sourced from official Facebook page.

This restaurant innovatively offers a wonderful menu of well-rounded healthy meals, made up of fresh local ingredients. 

In addition to offering meals that promote a balanced diet, Be. Good to You is also one of the few restaurants in Cairo to also offer vegan and gluten-free options.

While this is a restaurant, they also offer a detox program for customers, which consists of a series of juices, smoothies and soups meant to “clean the body, reduce inflammation, reboot metabolism, boost energy and reset taste buds.”

Whole slice Bakery

Vegan Banana Bread. Image sourced from official Facebook page.

This decadent little online bakery offers a wide range of delicious baked goods, some crowd favorites being the banana bread and sweet potato cake with cinnamon glaze. 

While not every item offered through this bakery might necessarily be deemed healthy, Whole Slice Bakery regularly makes efforts to both offer unique cakes and cookies that cannot be found elsewhere and provide some healthier vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options.

A beloved vegan option is the bakery’s vegan banana bread, while the gluten and dairy-free amaretti cookies are also unique to the bakery and one of the fastest selling items. 


Beetroot Burger. Image sourced from official Facebook page.

Kaju is a wonderful local brand founded in 2015. They are known for offering a wide range of delicious vegan products that are gluten, dairy, soy and sugar-free. 

This entity is all about promoting an overall healthier lifestyle by showcasing the versatility and diversity of vegan food options. 

Their products mostly range from various flavors of vegan ice cream, cakes, and truffles to vegan cheese, pizza and burger options. 


Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Vanilla Icing and Edible Flowers. Image courtesy of official Facebook page.

This brand is targeted towards all dessert lovers. The premise of Indulge was to create a brand that offers a wide range of healthier dessert options that people can feel guiltless about ‘indulging’ in. 

According to the brand’s Facebook page, “Our aim is to make you guiltlessly enjoy all types of desserts that are free of refined sugar, white flour, butter, preservatives & any other processed ingredients; and instead full of fruits, nuts and other healthy nutrients.”

From truffles and cookies to cakes and waffles, Indulge understands the importance of sweet comfort food all while maintaining a healthy outlook on life. 

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