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An Interview with Madame Fifette: The Zamalek Socialite Who Shamelessly Writes What Everyone’s Thinking

July 22, 2020

The designer-wearing, Zamalek-loving, outspoken character many people have grown to know and love over the past few months on Facebook is the utterly charming Madame Fifette. Although a fictional character, she has grown to become a very real part of the lives of those who follow her.  Ever since the pandemic forced us to stay inside and find other ways to fill our daily lives from home, most people tended to explore cooking, take up a regular workout routine, bake bread or simply flock to social media.  Madame Fifette chose to write, ultimately catering to those who chose to flock to social media. Not only does she write, but she eloquently exposes the intricacies of everyday life in Egypt in very ‘Madame Fifette’ fashion – harshly, bluntly, intimately and hilariously.  Whilst taking us on a journey through her – rather interesting and eventful – daily life, Madame Fifette manages to shine light on various aspects of Egyptian society (from racism to classism). In addition to this, she also adds multiple layers of relatability that very simply speak to whoever is reading her very personal journal entries.  She is a woman…

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