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Local Bazaar Brings Together Over 100 Egyptian Women Entrepreneurs

Local Bazaar Brings Together Over 100 Egyptian Women Entrepreneurs

To revive the local tradition of bazaars and women-owned businesses, Lydia Akram’s yearly bazaar will bring together over 100 women entrepreneurs in Egypt on the 2nd of October in Park Mall new Cairo.

The bazaar will aim to support and empower female entrepreneurs, who struggle to find access to markets and sell their goods, by gathering them all in one hub and give them the exposure they need.

It brings together a variety of Egyptian local products, particularly local fashion, such as scarves and turbans, and accessories. It will also include products to cover the entire family.

To adhere to the safety procedures due to coronavirus, the place will be sanitized before and during the bazaar. Not only that, but wearing masks will be mandatory (for exhibitors and visitors), along with maintaining social distancing.

Lydia Akram developed a passion for events planning as a student through organizing events and raising funds for orphanages and nursing homes. Recently, she is known for organizing bazaars for families focusing on modest wear and promotion of local brands to give back to the community.

Along with showcasing products, the bazaars provide training and consulting for these local designers to help them enhance and grow their businesses.

This will be the fifth edition of L.A Market, and the sixth bazaar for Lydia Akram in general. The preceding bazaar took place on the 28th of February in Park Mall as well, hosting 100+ exhibitors for Mothers’ day.

Over the past decade, Egypt has seen a rise in women entrepreneurs, with a growing number of organizations and donor support programs dedicated to provide them with knowledge and various services to grow their businesses. One example is Entreprenelle, an Egyptian social development and business impact organisation aiming to support women’s economic empowerment.

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