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From Nile to Skyline: 7 of the Best Rooftop Venues in Cairo

From Nile to Skyline: 7 of the Best Rooftop Venues in Cairo

Estro, Maadi. Image courtesy of Estro Facebook page.

Sometimes all anyone really needs is to sit in an ambient outdoor atmosphere, enjoying a refreshing breeze and perhaps a beautiful view to go along with it. Cairo is full of various rooftop bars, cafés and restaurants, all of which offer different kinds of atmospheres, menus and views to cater to different tastes and preferences. 

One of the wonderful things about Cairo is the diversity of its venues; even with rooftop venues, one can find those that are slightly on the higher end, offering fine dining and a contemporary aesthetic, as well as those that are rather more affordable and oftentimes full of character. 

The following list includes some of Cairo’s best and most well-known rooftop venues split up into those that are more of the pricey end, and those that are more affordable. 

Higher End Rooftop Venues

Crimson Bar and Grill

Image courtesy of Crimson Facebook page.

This beautiful Zamalek venue overlooks the Nile, offering both a gorgeous view as well as a great sleek, contemporary atmosphere. Crimson is a great choice for those looking to enjoy a night of fine dining, accompanied by a drink or two. Their beverage menu offers a wide range of spirits, cocktails, wines and more to choose from, while their food menu includes everything from delicious appetizers and pastas to mouth watering off-the-grill main courses and desserts. 

Location: 16 Kamal Al Tawil St. (formerly Montazah St), Zamalek, Cairo Governorate
Number: 0127 505 5555


Image courtesy of Estro Facebook page.

When in the mood for some Italian, Estro is the place to go. This gem of a restaurant is located on a rooftop in Maadi, offering a cozy and intimate atmosphere overlooking a breathtaking skyline of Maadi. The venue itself is slightly on the smaller side, but is beautifully designed and perfect for a date night. Estro offers a wide range of Sicilian-inspired cuisine, from salads and sandwiches to pastas and risottos – all offered in their respective sections and order in true Italian fashion (Primi and Secondi Piattis, First and Second Plates). In addition to food items that will make one’s taste buds tingle, Estro also offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to go along with any meal. 

Location: 11, Road 18 – Royal Maadi Hotel 9th Floor, Maadi – Sarayat
Number: 0106 643 1590

La Terrace

Image courtesy of La Terrace Facebook page.

This relatively new Zamalek venue offers a wonderfully bohemian, summer vibes look and feel with its bamboo detailing and tropic-like plants scattered all around. La Terrace is a great contemporary setting, nestled atop Zamalek’s President Hotel, offering a wide range of international cuisine with vegan and vegetarian options as well. La Terrace is a perfect spot for afternoon brunches, a sunset lunch or a late dinner and drinks outing. 

Location: 22 Taha Hussein St., Abu el Feda, 11th Floor – President Hotel, Zamalek
Numbers: 0127 355 1573, 2735 0718

More Affordable Rooftop Venues

Rooftop Zamalek

Image via Local’s Guide to Egypt.

Yes, Zamalek is evidently full of rooftop venues but Rooftop Zamalek is arguably the most well-known amongst all. Rooftop Zamalek is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike, offering an excellent view of the Nile without a crazy price tag to go along with it. This venue is best known for its laid-back atmosphere in which friends can go and enjoy a beer or two.  Located atop a rather run-down Zamalek hotel, both the service and food may not be the best, but the atmosphere more than makes up for that. 

Location: Mohammed Mazhar St., Nile Zamalek Hotel, Zamalek, Cairo

Karvin Hotel Rooftop

Image source unknown.

Located above an old Heliopolis hotel, Karvin’s rooftop bar and restaurant is a favorite for Heliopolis locals. In addition to offering a rather ambient atmosphere, Karvin also offers good food – including the option of ordering from their Indian restaurant downstairs – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and even shisha (hookah). This is a great option for a laid-back night out with friends, offering a both unique and pocket-friendly experience. 

Location: 11 Mohammed Ebeid, Karvin Hotel, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo
Number: 02 26906453

Horreya Hotel Rooftop

Image vis Horeya Hotel website.

What Horreya’s rooftop bar and restaurant lacks in terms of food and service, it makes up for in terms of atmosphere and view. Located atop another old hotel in Heliopolis, Horreya’s rooftop venue is still reminiscent of 1970s Cairo nightlife with its plush red and white leather bar seats and shabby ‘back corner’. Perhaps these nostalgic elements add to its charm however, as Egypt’s contemporary youth still flock to Horreya, while some have made it a staple ‘hangout’ spot. This is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks overlooking a serene view of the Heliopolis neighborhood. 

Location: 14 El-Horeya, Horreya Hotel, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo
Number: 02 22900070


Image via Local’s Guide to Egypt.

Downtown Cairo is actually quite famously known for its old rooftop bars and restaurants that are usually located within run-down hotels, but perhaps one of the most well-known of those to this day is Odeon. This rooftop venue is a lovely downtown gem full of charm and character, reminiscent of downtown Cairo’s nostalgic heydays. Once again, the food and service here isn’t the best, but one can enjoy a drink or two with a wonderful view of the city centre as the backdrop to a lively night out. 

Location: 6 Dr Abdel Hamid Said St., Downtown Cairo
Number: 0225767971, 0225776637

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