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A Closer Look at Why Certain Christmas Films Truly Never Get Old

December 10, 2020
Still from Home Alone (1990). Image source unknown.

Perhaps it’s the sentimental background music, the lovable characters or the all around Christmas vibes that make certain Christmas films absolutely timeless to watch. Every year, as December approaches and lights go up while trees are donned, certain beloved Christmas-themed films seem to always re-surface for this specific time of year.  While there are thousands of Christmas films that have been made throughout the years, even new ones being introduced with every passing year, there seem to be a handful of films that will simply never get old. Of such timeless Christmas classics are Home Alone, Home Alone Two: Lost in New York, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf, Love Actually and a few more.  The few films listed above seem to be internationally timeless, with hardcore fans from all across the globe watching them religiously every Christmas season. It’s interesting to note why these particular films seem to be worldwide hits – in order to better dissect why this is the case, a variety of aspects will be touched upon.  Introducing Refreshingly New Ideas, Storylines and Characters Films like Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Love Actually all introduced…

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